A Requiem for Ripard

The EVE Community is an enthusiastic, loyal, and committed one – but that doesn’t mean every individual part of the community is a permanent fixture. When I look back to when I was first introduced to the world of blogs and Twitter and all of EVE Online that exists outside of EVE Online, I can find precious few faces still active today. One of the faces I miss most – okay, well perhaps not his face, but certainly his words – is that of Ripard Teg.

Ripard is still around, of course, in the game. However, following the end of his term on the CSM, he closed up shop on his blog. And while he and I have actually quite rarely seen eye to eye – particularly after I abandoned my blogger roots for the EIC life on – there is absolutely no doubt in my mind that things in the EVE community, and by extension the game itself, would be different if he were here. That being said, I wanted to share two of my favorite quotes of Ripard Teg:

For the record, no, I was never close to hitting you Ripard, but you seemed awfully worried I would!

Please make note of the winky smiley face there, and also the quintessial Ripard-esque hedging of bets in even the simplest of statements. God I miss this guy – he was so entertainingly infuriating. I did not come close to hitting him, for the record, though I was a little exasperated at how long it took to find him at EVE Vegas that year!

What a nice guy Ripard was to me!

I don’t know about you, but coming runner up to Fozzie (which was a total cop-out move on Ripard’s part – I mean, c’mon, Fozzie may be a player technically but goddammit he was a dev by then!) when it comes to ‘most influential EVE player’, on the heels of The Mittani the previous year and the absolute carnage of Burn Jita and all that – well, that’s pretty high praise in my book.

Seriously, though, I maintain a healthy dose of respect for Ripard and what he accomplished with a simple Blogspot page and an inexorable work ethic. He wrote his way onto the CSM and into the minds, if not hearts, of everyone with half a clue. Perhaps one day he’ll resurface! In fact, I have a bit of a theory – I think Ripard is EVE’s Beetlejuice. Say his name enough times and he’s bound to show up!