All That Lives Must Die

Today is the last day of operation for Joystiq, Massively, and WoW Insider. Now, my primary audience being EVE nerds, there is every chance that you do not know what those sites are or why they matter. However, for millions of normal people with an interest in games, MMOs, and WoW respectively, those sites were the #1 news source to turn to. Back in 2006/2007, I was really deeply involved with World of Warcraft. WoW Insider was, as a result, basically my homepage on the internet (along with Elitist Jerks and the official WoW forums). Over time WoW Insider’s relevance faded, just as Joystiq and Massively did in their respective circles for everyday gamers.

However, Joystiq in particular stayed strong as one of the few gaming media outlets that embraced the journalism aspect of the job. Breaking news was a thing for Joystiq, as were no-holds-barred reports. They also avoided printing clickbaity shit in an effort to fund serious efforts, as most other sites have resorted to – which was nice, up until last week when it was announced that AOL intended to shut down the three sites. Turns out, even if you are part of a giant corporate umbrella, you still gotta do your part for the bottom line.

So, today we bid farewell to Joystiq and her partners. All that lives must die, so the important thing is to live well – and I think the people who helped create these sites can all say that their creations did indeed live well while they had time. Hopefully all the employees of these three sites will land on their feet.┬áBack in 2013 I interviewed at Joystiq and SOE nearly simultaneously – and the SOE job is the one that panned out. Ironic that both should die within 24 hours of each other (though SOE lives on as Daybreak now).