Analyzing the CSM Candidate Field – Part 1

This year, the CSM election process has seen an explosion in candidacies, which is odd given that the 10th CSM is no longer going to offer a free trip to Fanfest (though, to be fair, there will still be the opportunity for at least one trip to Iceland for a summit). Perhaps it has something to do with CCP Leeloo’s decision to lower the age limit (from 21 to 18) and to no longer require the public disclosure of a candidate’s real name (how’s that feel, everyone who did have to disclose? Does it feel good?). With so many candidates in the field, it can be difficult to get a read on people.

Luckily, the crew at Cap Stable (along with some friends) have been hosting weekly candidate recaps. Of course, these are mainly focused on the individuals who have already had their moment in the Cap Stable Spotlight, but there have been other discussions surrounding more controversial figures. Unfortunately, I’ve only been able to make one of these wrap ups due to scheduling constraints;¬†while I hope to be available for more in the future, I figured I’d jot down thoughts on the candidates so far.

To weed out the field a bit, I’ll only be talking about candidates that have completed both a Cap Stable interview and a survey/interview here on Just for Crits for the time being. Once we get closer to the actual election, I’ll see if there is anyone else worth talking about. Without further ado – here we go.


Just For Crits | Cap Stable

Bobmon is a member of Pandemic Legion in-game and the Editor in Chief of Evenews24. However, I don’t believe that either one of those is enough, necessarily, to get him elected. First, PL has at least 4 candidates running and it is a common belief at this point in time that of those 4, Manfred Sidious will likely be their top candidate. Due to their self-professed lack of a bloc ballot, it is entirely likely that Manny ends up the only PL member elected. On the EN24 side of things, Riverini ran at least twice and was unable to capitalize on EN24’s relative dominance at that time. There is a chance, though, that Bobmon may be able to cobble together enough votes from PL and from EN24 to get on, thereby making him a marginal, not impossible, candidate.

One of the things Bobmon has going for him is the fact that he’s energetic and passionate – that much is very obvious from the outset. In his Cap Stable interview he came across as a genuine individual, if young (the age limit being lowered was probably heavily induced by Bobmon’s wish to run), and his JFC interview was more of the same. He has made some missteps – calling for T2 Logi Cruisers to be introduced into the game, for instance, as well as apparently wanting lowsec revamped to be more conducive to alliances trying to enter nullsec (ahem, Brave Newbies, ahem). He has some interesting inconsistencies – for instance, in his JFC interview he stated he is only in charge of EN24, but in his Cap Stable interview he stated he took the reins of Tweetfleet.net from Riverini and got it renamed Warp To Zero, etc etc. His communication skills also leave a little to be desired (that could just be me being a stodgy old editor type though).

Overall, there are plenty worse candidates on the field, but I feel that Bobmon doesn’t really bring much to the table in terms of unique value. His energy and enthusiasm is without reproach, but his consistency, communication, and knowledge of the game is called into question – at least when compared to his competitors.

Borat Guereen

Just For Crits | Cap Stable

Borat is an alt of some guy somewhere in the game. A native of France, his candidacy certainly has value in the international/localization sense of things. A self professed solo pilot, he’d like to see some work done on the privacy aspects of the game. He’s running on an alt and refuses to disclose who his main character is largely to make a point – though what exactly that point is, I’m not sure. Given a lack of a base from which to draw, I think it is fair to say that Borat’s chances of election are slim to none.

And really, that’s okay. He would like, among other things, players to have the ability¬†to safeguard information from killmail disclosure – something that is just, well, odd. Killmails have disclosed information regarding fit and cargo since the beginning of the game. 10 years on might be a little too late to put that genie back in its bottle. He would also like to see some reforms made to the CSM on the subject of term limits and lengths – again, something that doesn’t appear all that relevant. In addition, he thinks Tags 4 Sec makes recovering security status too easy, which pretty instantly places him in my ‘no’ column.

Overall, I do believe that he has been playing for as long as he claims – that or he’s done his homework. However, his decision to run on an alt sends up all sorts of warning flags and some of his views I simply don’t believe in. Besides, CCP already hired the best solo player in the game, I don’t think they need anymore advice there~

Jayne Fillon

Just For Crits | Cap Stable

In the interest of full disclosure, I guess it would be appropriate to state that Jayne has worked for me on TheMittani.com previously. However, that is by no means an automatic endorsement for me. Luckily, Jayne has conducted (in my opinion) one of the best campaigns this season. He has put in the legwork, is responsive and engaged, and tackles hard questions straight on. He has even put up with Seraph on the Eve Online forums with relative aplomb, something I don’t think I myself could do. Leader of Spectre Fleet, he has a decent NPSI base upon which to draw for votes, placing him in firm contention for one of the few CSM seats not already guaranteed to go to someone else.

In his interview here on JFC, he stated “I truly, dearly, love this game” – and I truly, dearly, believe him. His run last year I think was a useful learning experience, and the fact that falling on his face in that particular arena hasn’t scared him off is a good sign. With a platform focused on improving the tools available for the NPSI community, as well as providing experienced input on corporation and alliance mechanics – both topics that CCP have signaled will most definitely be on the table this year – I think he’s the right candidate at the right time for one of those unclaimed seats.

Overall, Jayne can be a polarizing figure, but I believe that he has the game’s best interests at heart. I don’t know that I would vote for him in another year, or if this year’s priorities (as determined by CCP) didn’t include social tools and a corporation/alliance rework, but since this year does feature those things, I’m pretty satisfied in putting Jayne on my ballot this year.


Of the three candidates featured in this analysis, my only definite commitment is to Jayne – he’ll be on my ballot in one form or another. I really wanted to like Borat, but can’t get past the whole alt thing. Bobmon may appear on my ballot, but with such a large field and his areas of expertise well covered, I think he won’t make it in the end. I’ve also suddenly realized that the Venn diagram intersection of JFC interviewees and Cap Stable interviewees is a bit small – I’ll have to work on that! Next time we’ll cover three more candidates – and in the meantime, stay tuned for ongoing interviews!