Analyzing the CSM Candidate Field – Part 2

Welcome back to the CSM Candidate Field Analysis! In case you missed it, be sure to check out Part 1 (containing thoughts on Bobmon, Borat Guereen, and Jayne Fillon). If you’ve already read that, let’s get straight to our next set:

Psianh Auvyander

Just For Crits | Cap Stable

As with Jayne, I must begin my thoughts on Psianh with a bit of a disclaimer: Psianh is a member of TMC’s contributor staff, currently on hiatus (for obvious reasons) but still in good standing. And, again as with Jayne, this by no means translates to an instant endorsement on my part. He’s a mercenary with Noir. and has run their training division for some time. He also has a good background in lowsec, making him a logical choice for me to endorse. While Noir. may not be as high profile as they were in the glory days of Alekseyev Karrde’s CSM tenures, they are still a notable entity in the grand scheme of things within EVE Online. What remains to be seen, though, is whether Psianh’s mercenary credentials will earn him the backing of other mercenary organizations – not to mention the fact that mercenary organizations in the traditional sense have become far less widespread over the years. Right now, having not heard a lot of buzz about his candidacy, I’d classify Psianh as a candidate with only a marginal chance of getting in – but he definitely has a chance.

There is plenty of work to be done on the highsec front and, given all the other alternatives on the field, Psianh is one of the few I’ll probably end up endorsing for highsec representation. This is due largely to the fact that I’ve always had a weak spot for the mercenary gameplay style within EVE Online, as well as the fact that Psianh does have significant knowledge of lowsec. He’s a hard worker that never quits in my experience and observation of him at TMC, though I do still have some reservations regarding time availability over all. Nonetheless, expect to see him on my ballot in some form!

Steve Ronuken

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Steve is an incumbent from CSM 9, and as such has a natural advantage over many other candidates. Also working in his favor is the fact that he, along with Sugar Kyle and Corbexx, is one of the very public ‘hard workers’ of CSM 9. Universally adored by those who voted for him and those who have worked with him, it’s a pretty safe bet that Steve will be returned for CSMX to continue his work on the third party development side of things.

Should he be though? I actually don’t believe so. His expertise in third party development and wonderful working relationship with CCP (in particular Foxfour, who has taken the lead on CREST and related third party development tools in Reykjavik) leads me to believe that the CSM is really not the place for Steve – instead, CCP should probably just contract him to help Foxfour. I mean really, pay the guy, he’s worth it. However, lacking a contract offer from CCP to assist in the development of third party enabling tools, I guess the CSM will have to do for Steve. He’ll definitely be on my ballot, but probably a fair ways down it – I think he’s got the votes to get on CSMX already.

Tora Bushido

Just For Crits | Cap Stable

Tora is the leader of the Marmite Collective, the scourge of highsec. Marmite is a relatively small, but influential, organization that should have given Tora a fighting chance to get elected onto the CSM regardless of what came out of his mouth and keyboard. However, the highsec ganker/griefer contingent is split, with at least 2 (and probably more that I can’t recall off-hand) candidates running. With little real organizational power behind them, this will probably result in no ganker/griefer contingent getting elected to the CSM. This is a sad thing, as I am a firm believer that the trend of nerfing griefing into the ground is a bad one, but then again I’m not so certain that Tora Bushido is the guy we want on the CSM.

Anyone who talks about Evil as though that were a good thing is pretty much an instant ‘no’ in my book. I mean, come on, not to be pedantic or anything but evil is the opposite of good. There are plenty of other ways to more clearly communicate what you’re after if you support ‘griefer rights’ – look, I just made up a way right now. Tora’s interview on Cap Stable was also sort of a trainwreck – not exactly Xenuria levels, but certainly a meandering mess (that once again the Cap Stable crew managed to behave professionally through). At times I thought it was just an interview about the Marmite Collective – which would’ve been cool, except this clearly was not that. His ideas, when finally presented, were at times really hard to support. Finally, I also have a serious suspicion of people playing EVE who only play EVE. Subject Matter Experts are great, but as an advisory body I think CSM members having some context is a good thing and can often be a great source of inspiration for improvements to be made to EVE.