Analyzing the CSM Candidate Field – Part 3

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There isn’t much time left before voting starts, so let’s forego any kind of preamble here and dive right in.

June Ting

Just For Crits | Cap Stable

June is the alliance executor for Of Sound Mind, an alliance residing in the BRAVE dominated region of Catch. She is also a former junior editor at TheMittani.com, where I had a chance to work with her pretty extensively in the second half of 2014. A close friend of Ali Aras, she is more or less looking to replace Ali on the CSM as Ali will not be running for reelection. However, as June herself is quite keen to point out, she is not Ali Aras 2.0 Рshe is her own personality in the EVE universe. Unfortunately, I think June would probably have a better chance of election if she were simply Ali Aras 2.0. June tends to be much more confrontational in her interpersonal style, which in an election cycle dominated by Xander Phoena and Sion Kumitomo is probably not to her benefit.

June is running on a familiar sounding platform of focusing on the sov revamp as well as the New Player Experience. Uniquely, she’s pretty well suited to offer qualified opinions on both of those subjects – she herself is a relatively new player and has spent almost all of her short time in the game in nullsec, outside of major powers that will surely be represented. She is passionate about EVE Online and a hard worker when she puts her mind to a task – both tremendously important qualities when it comes to the CSM. It’s a rather crowded field when it comes to her two major platform planks this go ’round, meaning that there may not be enough broad support to get her across the initial hump in the STV system. I, personally, have seen enough of her work (both in the CSMX campaign as well as on TMC previously) to give her a place on my ballot, but I don’t think I can place her first, or even third, on it. There are a crush of candidates on the topics June seems most comfortable and qualified to represent, almost all of whom bring other areas of expertise to play or have broader bases of support (Cagali Cagali springs to mind). A marginal candidate in a truly crowded field without much of a niche to propel her into the later rounds of STV elimination, I think June Ting has slim chances on getting elected – which is a shame, as inevitably some lesser figures will make it on.


Just For Crits | Cap Stable

DomanarK is from Black Legion, but in his own words is not the BL candidate for CSM. Whether BL will turn out to vote for a relatively new member remains to be seen, but chances are that either way DomanarK isn’t going to make it on. This is unfortunate, as I thought he did a passable job in his Cap Stable interview and also gets some bonus points for answering one of my lowsec survey questions with the exclamation ‘Horseshit!’ DomanarK is running on a platform of (stop me if this sounds familiar) occupancy based sovereignty and community communication. With luminaries such as Sion Kumitomo and Manfred Sidious running (and all but guaranteed election), the sov thing doesn’t hold terribly much weight; on the community communication side, we’ve got both Sugar Kyle and Mike Azariah looking to lock up their seats for another term, making that a bit of a moot point.

Overall, I liked DomanarK’s performance in this campaign season, but he has done little to set himself apart from the pack. I like his mention of both piracy and bounty hunting in his campaign thread, but he has stumbled in other areas. Identifying communication as the one area of deficiency in CSM 9 makes me think he hasn’t paid that much attention to how things have happened the last year; he also has the typical podcaster’s vice of talking at great length when just a few words will do. Contrary to popular belief, speaking at great length and in many places about ~things~ doesn’t make you a good communicator. There is also the niggling concern for me that his board game development efforts may run afoul of CCP’s ban on game developers participating in the CSM. All in all, I really like the work DomanarK has put in and wish him luck if he decides to run again next year – but this year isn’t his to shine.

Chance Ravinne

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Founder of the Wingspan Torpedo Delivery Service that has taken EVE by storm, Chance is a semi-prominent YouTube presence (at least in the small space occupied by EVE Online in the grand scheme of things). He’s a very clear communicator, clearly passionate, and anyone who has ever edited a video and put it on YouTube will not doubt for a second that Chance is a hard worker. How much of that YouTube following will translate to votes, though? How much do we really need someone whose platform consists of stealth-based gameplay and marketing experience? These are the outstanding questions regarding Chance’s, well, chances.

For me personally, I like Chance a lot – not just as a YouTuber, but also as a CSM candidate. Of the many newbies that are running for CSM this year, Chance is the only one I’m willing to consider endorsing. He may not have the long historical context of a veteran EVE Online player, but when it comes to things like player outreach programs and the New Player Experience, we don’t really need a veteran’s take on how a new player should act. Let’s go to the source and give Chance a try. I’m sincerely pulling for the guy and he’ll undoubtedly find a place on my ballot – probably pretty high up (it is becoming extremely tight in those top five slots). It also doesn’t hurt that his gameplay niche of choice is one I have taken a particular interest in – exploration and stealth.


With over 70¬†candidates going into the elections, I find myself hard pressed to muster the energy to knock out 3 person analysis posts the rest of the way through. I will do my best to crank out some extra posts before the voting commences and will provide a roundup of anyone I missed just prior to the vote on February 25th. I’ll also have my own ‘official’ ballot for anyone that finds themselves thinking like I do (a scary proposition if ever there was one) when the time comes.