Analyzing the CSMX Candidates – Part 4

The elections swiftly approach, so we’ll dive right in. If you’re looking for more analysis, be sure to visit parts 1 through 3:

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Just For Crits | Cap Stable

Citricioni is a German-community candidate running on a platform of NPSI enhancements and some tangential lowsec/small-gang stuff. I, personally, had not heard of him prior to the CSM elections but that is unsurprising given his background. What is surprising though is the fact that his German candidacy thread apparently came under some fire early on in the process as several individuals thought Citricioni was a troll candidate. What this might indicate about the overall seriousness of his presence in EVE is up to you to decide.

In terms of his positions, he struck me as a little underprepared despite getting a relatively early start in the CSM process. This was reinforced with his showing in the Cap Stable interview, where he seemed to either be struggling mightily with communicating in English, or had not done a very good job of preparing, or both. Regardless, unless the German community comes out in force for Citricioni, I can’t see him getting elected onto the CSM this go around – though recent developments involving certain null blocs pulling sudden no-shows might help elevate him into a 14th seat.

Khador Vess

Just For Crits | Cap Stable

Similar to Citricioni, I knew nothing about Khador coming into the CSM election process – once again unsurprising given that my activity in RvB was awhile ago and never all that deep. However, I was pleasantly surprised by Khador. His questions to both the Just For Crits process and the Cap Stable interview were nothing short of impressive, his demeanor I think is the right one for the CSM, and his views on the New Player Experience (particularly as a facilitator of retention, rather than trying to take the newbie’s approach to revamping the NPE) are what cemented my support for him.

With any luck, though, he won’t need it. Granted, Mangala’s tenure on the CSM was a little lackluster, but I think Khador will be a good choice for RVB, a not-insignificant bloc of votes. Khador will not only be on my ballot, but he’ll be relatively high up. I hope that RVB looks beyond the popularity factor and the past performance of their CSM representatives to give Khador a shot in the driver’s seat.

Lorelei Ierendi

Just For Crits | Cap Stable

Lorelei’s candidacy is an interesting one in that I’m still not sure if it is intended to be a troll or not. If it is, well A+++ it is a job well done! If not, well, I don’t know where to start. Rest assured though that all of the things Lorelei advocates for – public shaming of banned characters, aggressive pursuit of griefers and the banning of them, as well as some half-baked ideas on the war dec system – will not be getting any airtime in Reykjavik – if I was a betting man I’d put a ton of cash on Lorelei not getting into the CSM.

This may come across as harsh but that is not my intent. I have a huge amount of respect for anyone who puts themselves in the public spotlight that the CSM election process is. Lorelei also put in some legwork, appearing on Cap Stable and this blog, but in the end effort only goes so far. You can be the hardest worker in the office and still be a net negative if you can’t do your job. Perhaps with some exposure to the community and the CSM election process, Lorelei can come back next year and attempt another run with a little more knowledge and a little less in the way of feature ideas that make no sense given the context and history of EVE Online. Assuming, of course, that this isn’t a troll.