Analyzing the CSMX Candidates – Part 6

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Suzy RC Mudstone

Just For Crits | Cap Stable

Suzy is a member of WIdot, these days a membercorp of Goonswarm Federation. Unlike Sion Kumitomo, Endie, or Thoric Frosthammer, Suzy’s candidacy for the CSM will not be officially endorsed by the CFC. To make matters worse, Suzy is a pretty new character, and the person behind Suzy is also a particularly new player. Finally, to confuse matters a little bit, Suzy is running ‘in partnership’ with Chance Ravinne – and I’m still not real sure what that means, practically speaking.

What I do know is that Suzy has no chance of getting on – and I think he knows it. I have to admire and respect someone’s passion and willingness to put themselves out in front of an audience, but that doesn’t mean I gotta put them on my ballot – and I won’t be putting Chance’s partner in crime on mine.

Thoric Frosthammer

Just For Crits | Cap Stable

Chairman of LAWN and running third on the official CFC ballot, Thoric’s chance of election depends largely on a major factor outside his control: turnout. In years where turnout has been low, the CFC’s voting power increases, enabling them to place three people on the CSM. In years where voting turnout is larger, though, the CFC’s voting power diminishes. If the explosion of CSM candidates is any kind of canary, turnout should be pretty stellar this year, thus reducing Thoric’s chances of election.

To be honest, I’m not sure if that’s good or bad. The CFC would be just as well served by having Sion or Endie alone on the Council – both are articulate, educated experts in the sov game, and will have a large amount of prestige with both their fellow Council members and CCP simply by virtue of representing well over 10,000 players in the game. Does a third, and a less well-known third at that, really matter? Some believe that his views are different enough to provide a unique, necessary perspective regarding sovereignty and nullsec in general. However, I’m not convinced. There is also the small matter to consider of the CFC’s track record when it comes to their #3 (or effective #3) candidates in the past. I’m gonna have to give Thoric a pass on my ballot, and unless you’re in LAWN you probably will too.

Vic Jefferson

Just For Crits | Cap Stable

Vic completes the CFC hat trick in this post as a member of Goonwaffe in Goonswarm Federation. Like Suzy RC Mudstone, Vic is not backed by the CFC as a whole in any kind of official capacity. He’s also Canadian, apparently, so I imagine the daily identity struggle between Proper Goon and Proper Canadian is something that ties him up in knots. On a serious note, nothing about Vic’s Just For Crits interview process really bothered me all that much – which is saying something, as I had a problem with almost every candidate at some point along the line.

On the flip side, though, nothing about Vic’s stances, interviews, platform, or actions as a whole during the campaign process made much of an impact on me either. He was undoubtedly the vanilla at the 76 Flavors that is the CSM election this year. In addition, I believe that for a subject matter expert on solo/small gang/ship fitting/etc, I’d much rather have Gorski Car any day of the week.