Analyzing the CSMX Candidates – Part 7

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Some candidates were unwilling to fill out the Just For Crits interview, or appear on Cap Stable podcasts – and that’s alright. These and other efforts like them are merely opportunities to reach out to a slightly broader audience and thus, totally voluntary and unnecessary if they already have a spot sewn up in the election. Many other candidates (over 20 of them) didn’t even have forum threads prior to their candidacies being confirmed by CCP, and some simply couldn’t find the time to participate in a greater way with interview efforts due to scheduling or other concerns.

On the part of this blog, I’ll admit to getting overwhelmed towards the end and not keeping proper track of the voting schedule. Ultimately, I ran out of time to do proper analysis, interviews, and more for the community – next year will be better! I was lucky enough to have a part on the Cap Stable roundtables and I think I’ll probably pitch in next year if they want help on the interview and research front. However, that’s all for the future – for now, let’s talk briefly about the rest of the candidates that haven’t been covered so far on JFC:

Sion Kumitomo

Goons #1 candidate and a lock for a CSM seat, I’ve been thoroughly impressed with Sion’s campaign. Rather than smug his way to Iceland, as he very well could have, he made the effort to shine light in dark corners and willingly appeared in front of just about every venue. A+ guy in real life and an A+ CSM member, I’ll be happy to see him get another term.


Goons #2 candidate and a near-lock for a CSM seat by virtue of that fact, Endie also happens to be one of the most articulate and sharp individuals I’ve ever seen in the EVE Online community. Like it or not, by and large the GSF candidates have all been extremely solid over the years, and Endie is no different. One of the founding members of TheMittani.com (and the guy that actually gave me a job there!), I know from experience he’ll bring a solid work ethic and professionalism to the CSM that few could rival.

Gorski Car

He may not have come across particularly well in his Cap Stable interview; he also has the disadvantage of being a runner-up, replacement selection to CSM9; but for all that I still think Gorski is a solid candidate. He’s a true subject matter expert when it comes to ships of just about all sizes, from what I’ve seen, and recognizes the proper role of a CSM member. I don’t believe he’ll actually get elected, but one can hope!

Manfred Sidious

What is there to say about Manny that hasn’t already been said? He’s another true subject matter expert whose input should be invaluable going forward with sov, alliance, and corporation mechanics. It doesn’t hurt that he’ll have most of PL behind him (PL doesn’t run an official ballot, but Manny is sure to appear in the #1 slot for the majority of that alliance).

Xander Phoena

Xander is a workhorse and incredibly passionate about EVE Online. He’s also a polarizing figure – which is unusual given the fact that he is not an alliance leader. Instead, he’s a podcaster and blog operator who has a particularly confrontational style about him that has landed him squarely in ‘drama llama’ territory. It’s a shame, really, as I think in other circumstances he’d be a tremendous asset to the CSM. I don’t really see him getting in this year, and maybe that’s for the best – he may come to realize that life on the outside looking in is better than on the inside looking out.


While Corbexx chose not to come on JFC, he did do a Cap Stable interview – and really even that wasn’t necessary. Corbexx, along with Mike Azariah, Sugar Kyle, and Steve Ronuken – has been a tremendous member of CSM9 by all accounts. He’s done mountains of legwork to gather information and feedback regarding wormholes, his core constituency, and I fully expect him to do more of the same in CSMX, as he still enjoys the backing of the wormhole community.

Bam Stroker

Organizer of EVE Down Under and founder of the new EVE Meetup site, Bam is impeccable when it comes to community credentials. But does he offer much more than that? Yes, he’s a member of PL these days, and yeah he’s been around the block, but that doesn’t necessarily imply any significantly different or unique viewpoints when it comes to the things that will be discussed this year. I don’t think he’d make a bad CSM member, in the end, but I also don’t think he’ll be getting on (sorry Australia).

Cagali Cagali

His candidacy should be in a lot better place than it is in right now. Brave recently announced that they wouldn’t have an official #1 candidate, thereby throwing their whole slate in disarray and almost certainly making it a 50/50 proposition as to whether they even get a single rep on the Council this year. His Cap Stable interview was…not the best…and his other efforts at outreach seem to have been confined to simply trying to rally his base of voters, which doesn’t bode well.


Corebloodbrothers is likely to get reelected after doing a decent job on CSM9 and gaining the continued support of the Provi-block that got him there in the first place. A somewhat quiet operator, it is hard to tell what sorts of intangibles he really brings to the table, but if his performance as a speaker at EVEsterdam is any indication of his performance as a representative on the Council, I’m pretty comfortable with him getting back on this year.

And all the rest

With over 70 candidates in the field, this list would continue on way too long and we’ve simply run out of time – as of the posting of this list, voting should already be underway. Good luck to all the candidates, and to the voters as well – we’ll see what kind of CSM we end up with soon enough! If you’re still looking, be sure to visit CSM Wire (run by Nosy Gamer) for a complete list and all the resources you could need to make a decision! Or, stay tuned and I’ll have a ballot up shortly.