BB73 – Expanding New Eden

This month’s blog banter got a little overshadowed by the outbreak of full scale war in the north of New Eden, but it is still something worth talking about. Here’s the prompt:

So soon(tm) we will have Eve Online, Valkyrie, Gunjack and the as yet untitled FPS to replace DUST514/Project Legion. Are we missing anything else? Are then any other games CCP should be looking into? Colony building simulators in the style of Sim City or Rimworld. Should it be on a grander scale link Civilisation or Stronghold Kingdoms. How about RTS games ala Command and Conquer. Survival games such as Rust? Planet based combat like World of Tanks? Would you like to see other game types expanding the Eve Universe or should CCP stick to what it knows?

The thing is, you could effectively apply the New Eden skin to just about any game and have something that is technically an Eve Universe game. Want a futuristic racecar sim? New Eden Grand Prix. How about a roguelike top down RPG shooter? Drifter Hunter. The possibilities are endless, though most people seem to be gravitating to the same basic place – grand strategy.

Much is made of the strategy and metagame in Eve Online, so perhaps that is unsurprising. And sure, I’d love to reenact the Whatever We Are Calling This War in a turn based strategy game. But would it really be the same? Part of what makes these wars so entertaining is the human element – propaganda, mistakes, betrayals, and spin. In fact, that’s the only thing that makes it fun, really. I’m not sure a grand strategy type game would ever be able to recapture that.

I find myself hung up around some of the last words of this excellent video put out by Rooks and Kings:

Namely, the bit where Lord M states: The Most Complete Virtual World. Maybe New Eden doesn’t need expansion in other titles. Maybe everything could just be in Eve Online. Perhaps PI could be developed into a grand strategy game of planetary conquest. Maybe we could race, or dungeon delve, or shoot ’em up all within the Eve Online client itself, all of it tying back to the big virtual universe that is New Eden. Maybe that’s where Dust went wrong – it was outside Eve Online.

Or maybe I’m just wishing Star Citizen would be a real thing already.

Here are some other thoughts on the subject: