The Blog Bulletin: 12 April 2015

Each week, I’ll be posting up a quick bulletin of blog posts worth reading. There are about a trillion blogs out there, roaming free on the internet, and only a handful are really any good at any given time. While there are certainly blogs not listed below that might be worth your time, these are the posts I recommend this week:

  • Johnny Twelvebore over at Fragmonkeys has a quick piece about the sad tale of two CODE pilots that wandered into lowsec with beefy battleships, ready to own newbs – only to find themselves on the receiving end of a proper lowsec welcome from some Aussies. While the kills themselves are perhaps unremarkable, the underlying point of the matter is interesting; the differences in effective ship fits between sec-bands. Something to think about, for sure.
  • Zosius at Cloaky Bastard decided to delve into multiboxing a little this week. Granted, the topic seems about dead at this point – CCP’s changes to input broadcasting tolerance are months old at this point – but it was nice to read a reasonable outlook from someone who lives the multiboxing life.
  • What does a CSM candidate do after failing to get elected? Well, if that candidate’s name is Psianh, you go out and get your fix of political backstabbing by purchasing the Game of Thrones boardgame. The game sounds wonderful and I might have to go pick it up. Thanks, Psianh!
  • And what does a CSM incumbent do upon reelection? Gripe about things, of course! It appears that CSMX is still very much finding its feet, with Mike Azariah describing the situation with a tone of annoyance. Apparently, there are far too many ways to communicate these days, and finding a solution everyone can agree upon takes so long as to need its own ‘phase’. The best bit of the post is where we get a very brief glimpse into some of the scuffling already taking place. It’s towards the end of the post.
  • Rhavas is one of the shining stars of the EVE blogosphere and has been for some time. His in-depth knowledge of lore is top notch – and he also happens to be a really great dude I’ve had the pleasure of meeting before. This week he brought up a topic that I think many of us have longed for: the ability to name systems. The ability to really put your name on the map – literally, if you’d like – is one that I’m still shocked hasn’t been implemented before now. Sure, maybe HED-GP will get renamed to Dongers, but it’ll be worth it.

That’s it for this week. Tune back in every Sunday to find more worthy reads.