The Blog Bulletin: 19 April 2015

Each week, I’ll be posting up a quick bulletin of blog posts worth reading. There are about a trillion blogs out there, roaming free on the internet, and only a handful are really any good at any given time. While there are certainly blogs not listed below that might be worth your time, these are the posts I recommend this week:

  • Zosius at Cloaky Bastard returns to the bulletin with an interesting post recounting the gank of a Gila and seeing through bait. Baiting is a common enough thing in EVE Online, but the ability to see through bait is rare.
  • Fleets are another common enough thing in EVE Online, but the ability to lead one effectively isn’t. Jeff at EVE Altoholic has decided to descend down that particular rabbit hole, learning how not to just master your own ship, but everyone’s ship around you.
  • The drama in nullsec almost never stops. This last little while the news cycles have been dominated by the Lychton Saga, the tale of Brave Newbies’ inevitable descent into madness. I think they’ve spent too long in nullsec – it corrupts your cognitive abilities after awhile – but do recognize, like Kirith Kodachi, that nullsec can be fun. Until it isn’t.
  • Lockefox, of Hydrostatic Podcast fame, has a bit of a side project going on directly relating to his market prowess. EVE Prosper is what it’s called and if you want to know any of the things worth knowing on the market, this is the show to watch (or listen to).
  • Finally, Stabs over at Stabbed Up has a wonderfully thorough and actually useful (though perhaps a little snarky) guide to the nullsec region of Fountain, put together for its new owners: BRAVE.

That’s it for this week. Tune back in every Sunday to find more worthy reads.