The Blog Bulletin: 22 March 2015

Each week, I’ll be posting up a quick bulletin of blog posts worth reading. There are about a trillion blogs out there, roaming free on the internet, and only a handful are really any good at any given time. While there are certainly blogs not listed below that might be worth your time, these are the posts I recommend this week:

  • As a self-identified pirate of New Eden, anything relating to lowsec is guaranteed to grab my interest. Fanfest 2015 is going on, of course, and thankfully Sugar Kyle is in attendance, doing her damnedest to get information about off-the-beaten-path roundtables out there: specifically the Crimewatch and Faction Warfare Roundtables. Thanks, Sugar, for doing the job no one else wants to do!
  • Feyd Rautha Harkonnen had a disturbing revelation recently: people do some screwed up things to get ahead in EVE Online. This is nothing new, nor is the specific thing that Feyd discovered – DDOSing individual pilots to get easy kills. His take on it and some of his explanation of the matter is worth a read though.
  • Kirith Kodachi has started dissecting the plight of capitals in what apparently is being called ‘FozzieSov’ – the upcoming rework of how sovereignty in EVE Online works coming this summer. His analysis of the situation as it stands, as well as his proposal for what could be done next, is not to be missed.
  • Wilhelm Arcturus of The Ancient Gaming Noob is a towering giant among bloggers, and his post on ESO’s recent transition to ‘buy to play’ is a prime example why. Great context and some casual news dissemination – he just makes it look so easy!
  • The EVE Scribe has an excellent battle report of a small engagement in H6-CX8, a system in Providence. Salient details and a concise style get you straight to the point – a prime example of a battle report done right.
  • The clash between East and, well, the rest of the world is over now, but you should still go check out Gorski Car’s post on the Worlds Collide event from Fanfest 2015. He gives some very good insight into the minutiae of the matches, before they had even taken place.
  • ‘FozzieSov’ once again rears its beautiful visage over on Rhavas’ Interstellar Privateer, where the man known as a lore nut gives his take on what changes should take place before the new sovereignty model hits New Eden.
  • Awhile back I listed out the podcasts I like to listen to these days, and Splatus just did the same recently. Special thanks for the shout out to the now-departed, never-forgotten Voices from the Void!

That’s it for this week. Tune back in every Sunday to find more worthy reads.