The Blog Bulletin: 29 March 2015

Each week, I’ll be posting up a quick bulletin of blog posts worth reading. There are about a trillion blogs out there, roaming free on the internet, and only a handful are really any good at any given time. While there are certainly blogs not listed below that might be worth your time, these are the posts I recommend this week:

  • Mark726 may have failed in his attempts at curating the #fakefanfest discussion on Twitter last week, but on Sunday he proved his blog, EVE Travel, is still alive and kicking. His posts on the sights of New Eden are among the very best the EVE community has to offer and his latest (on the Unidentified Structures that are now fully decloaked in the game) is no different.
  • Orion Sa-Solo has a heartfelt blogpost about recognizing one’s own wrongs and trying to do better. I can definitely relate and wish him the best of luck!
  • Tubrug1’s The EVE Onion is back! Tubrug may not be the most consistent of bloggers, but when he contributes to the blogosphere it’s worth reading. This week he had a hilarious post concerning a member of the CFC having too much fun.
  • Sugar Kyle has a bunch of roundtables up from her meticulous note-taking during Fanfest, all of which are worth a read if you’re interested in the talks she went to.
  • Finally there is a must-read guest post over at my friend Rixx Javix’s blog Eveoganda. It comes from his wife, who was kind and tolerant enough to accompany Rixx on his inaugural voyage to Iceland for Fanfest. For those with significant others, it’s surely an interesting read.

That’s it for this week. Tune back in every Sunday to find more worthy reads.