The Blog Bulletin: 5 April 2015

Each week, I’ll be posting up a quick bulletin of blog posts worth reading. There are about a trillion blogs out there, roaming free on the internet, and only a handful are really any good at any given time. While there are certainly blogs not listed below that might be worth your time, these are the posts I recommend this week:

  • Sometimes I think I’m playing EVE wrong. This week, Zosius over at Cloaky Bastard has really made me reconsider my priorities with a tale of ransom and death that is really quite awesome.
  • On the run up to the CSMX elections, CSM9 (replacement) member Gorski Car started up a blog. This isn’t unusual, candidates starting blogs – but what is unusual is that, even though he lost the election, he’s kept right on writing. This week’s post about attributes is a must-read, as is most of the rest of his blog if I’m honest.
  • One of the real oddities of the EVE blogosphere is the relative lack of nullsec residents writing about what they do. Thus, it is a real find when you not only find one, but find one with some really interesting tales of what goes on in the Great Zero Zero. Kasken does just that over on the Kasken Kronicles, bringing us some really convoluted political storytelling.
  • Warp Core Stabilizers are the New Falcon. At least, that’s the impression I get from good friend Rixx Javix’s blog Eveoganda. However, he doesn’t just gripe about what he feels is an overpowered meta that he doesn’t like – he actually breaks down why warp core stabilizers are objectively shoddy gameplay as currently implemented. Good stuff.
  • I feel like Foo over at Foo’s Eve Musings and I are somewhat kindred spirits. We both contributed in our own ways to CSM coverage this year, and seemingly can’t shake off the CSM bug even though 99% of the EVE community has gladly done so following the conclusion of the CSMX elections. This week he brought up some misconceptions regarding the CSM that I think are worth a read for anyone with even a passing interest in EVE’s student council.

That’s it for this week. Tune back in every Sunday to find more worthy reads.


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