CSMX Candidates on Lowsec

For the CSMX elections, I’ve decided to quiz a bunch of the candidates (whomever is brave enough to step into the octagon) about their views on lowsec, as well as anything else particular to each candidate. These questions come in two Rounds: 1, a questionnaire that is standard across all candidates; and 2, a more interview-like set of questions tailored to each candidate. Below is the list of candidates who have answered the call for questions. The names will be linked to the corresponding article once all questions are in and posted up on the site. Thanks to everyone who participated!

Jayne Fillon

Tora Bushido


Steve Ronuken



Psianh Auvyander

Sabriz Adoudel

Borat Guereen

Suzy RC Mudstone

Mike Azariah

June Ting

Sugar Kyle


Vic Jefferson

Khador Vess

Chance Ravinne


Trinkets friend


Lorelei Ierendi

Thoric Frosthammer


And, in the interest of completeness, the following candidates have stated they will not participate in the questionnaire:

Xander Phoena (No reason given)

corbexx (Deferred to Sugar Kyle)

Jenshae Chiroptera (Insufficient knowledge/experience regarding lowsec)

Bam Stroker (Insufficient knowledge/experience regarding lowsec)

Doudou Lachatte (Withdrawing from race)

Dave Korhal (Insufficient knowledge/experience of lowsec) (Withdrawn from campaign)

Tiberius Zol (Withdrawn from campaign)

Bane Cortex (never provided 2d Round answers)

Endie (I ran out of time, I’m sorry 🙁 )