CSMX Candidates Quizzed: Corebloodbrothers

 A few years ago, I ran a questionnaire for CSM candidates regarding lowsec. This year, I’ve decided to do the same, with a twist: there is now a bonus round of questions tailored to each individual candidate that fills out the questionnaire. As quickly as I can, I’ll be posting up their responses: without edit or commentary. Next into the questionnaire octagon is Corebloodbrothers.

Character Name: corebloodbrothers

Twitter: @Corebloodbro

Candidacy Thread: Corebloodbrothers CSM 10

PART 1 – The Questionnaire

What single part of the game do you feel requires the most work in terms of iteration by CCP?

occupancy based sov

Do you feel that lowsec is ‘fixed’? If so, explain why. If not, explain what you want to see done to fix it.

its a fun place, where very active and team orientated small entities find alot of niche use. some thigns are ab it ofc, as low sec is more cutthroat , and i think null is even safer to make isk in often

Do you have any plans to push CCP, if elected, to iterate on lowsec in general?

not in big things, but keep its unique use, its niche, one silly htignthough, a low sec sov experiment would be fun on a limited scale. no bombers, no dics, nice

In your opinion, where should lowsec rank in terms of priority for iteration by CCP?

it shoudl atract more crowd, have more reward as its more unsafe then null often, except the buble stuf ofc, i dont see it needs big overhaul, and would put it behind activity based sov and the much needed overhauls on corps and alliances

What, in your opinion, are the main factors that make lowsec more attractive to its current residents than other areas of space?

community, cutthroat, absence of bublers and bombers and lack of major isk drives that woudl atract blocks to ruin it

What is your thinking regarding piracy in lowsec – is it good, bad, or ugly?

fuckign awsome, kill everyhting

What are your thoughts on the notion that increased protection for PVE players in lowsec will result in a better lowsec?

fuck that, low sec is bad ass, want safer, go too highsec

What are your thoughts regarding Faction Warfare, particularly the idea that FW is the killer feature of lowsec?

it fits in nicely, i think its only 1 aspect though, low sec isnt designed for faction warfare. FW came later and fits in.

If elected to CSMX and subsequently informed by CCP that lowsec was the ‘hot topic’ for iteration in the coming year, what input and advice would you have for them?

keep it mean, dont make it atractive for big null blocks, keep bubles out, experiment with sov on small scale, or some sort of use, like occupancy, so that there s advantages of calling soemthing your home

BONUS – What lengths are you willing to go to in order to make pirates flashy red on overview by default again?

euhm use your overview set ups

PART 2 – The Interview

What’s your personal background,in real life? What kind of work are you in? Does it help your chances of election, in your opinion? Why or why not?

I am married, 4 kids, 43, i wokr in it,kids help me to reflect and keep emo down, to place myself in anohter mans position. It helps me in the understanding of ccp workings like scrum and their release cycles which rock.

If you weren’t running, but you could singlehandedly ensure that any other person in EVE would be elected to CSM, who would you pick and why.

Bobmon, he s young, enthousiastic and a awsome person

Other than EVE, what was your favorite game last year (2014)?

Eve eve eve

What sort of background and experience do you have with lowsec in the time you’ve been playing?

Pvp and roams, posses

The CSM is a large time commitment, and several members of CSM9 will not be running again for CSMX due to that fact. You stated in your candidacy post that you tend to catch up on things after the fact. Do you feel you have enough time to effectively participate for an additional year?

Its a volunteer job, hard to measure, and easy to get lost in, for me my voters decide if i did my job, i am happy with changes like pi, fatique and involvement in things like hopefully fitting changes and proud of my eveamsterdam stuff, and what i do for my region and coalition. A side effect is that the csm role ties people and can be used too forge a group of people.

What would you say is the most important thing you accomplished while being on CSM9?

I like the pi acces change outside holders, and hopefully simple things like fittings change. Hard to point out single stuff

In your campaign thread, Two Step brought up the fact that no other CSM member appears to be supporting your re-election. In various interviews, current CSM members have conspicuously left you out of any discussion about activity, contribution, or worth on the Council. If you’ve been active and participating, why is this?

You shoudl ask them. Ccp elected me for both wintersummit and fanfest , one of the few to be elected for both outside the permanent attendees, i didnt join to suck up to them and my opinion migt not be theirs.

You appear to have a lot of pride about getting onto the CSM without cross-promotion from other candidates last year – rightfully so. This year, there is another member of The Volition Cult running, presumably diluting your voting base. Do you feel it necessary to campaign this year among outside groups?

Anyone in provi can run, we dont assing people. I am in contact with frends, red and blue, also our neighbours hero, rnk, miners, and different kinds of groups to which i connected over the years

Do you feel there is a distinct value in having individuals from outside of the US and UK on the CSM? Is there a tangible advantage to being outside of the core player base group in terms of nationality for you?

i feel it shouldnt make a difference, a eve player doesnt have a nationality which favors him or her, i tyoe like shit, but it became my trademark even. Being dutch i rally dutch , german and belgium players, in evesterdam 39 procent of the visitors where from my regionand commited, which was insane, to make em stand up.

There are other candidates running on a platform of representing nullsec entities other than the large blocks (PL, N3, CFC, etc). What makes you more well qualified to represent nullsec members outside of the blocs than anyone else?

i wouldnt like to say i am better qualified then others. I represent provi , which is unique, if that atracts others to vote,so be it, i hate to make the election turn into who yells hardest he s better then someone else. Work from strenght and not at the exploit of others.

You’d like to see even greater focus on ‘skirmish-based’ gameplay mechanics in nullsec, as opposed to large fleet fights. If asked by CCP for a suggestion as to how to affect this change, what would you tell them? How would you like to see it done?

i feel fatique already hit this perfect, also its no secret i am very much behind the scan res changes to caps. I think jb use from within a region could be get less fatique to promote local brawls, so u get it delayed if u use a jb next system, also i like regional markets, build and sell local

You’ve come under some fire for the nature of your language and the language in your fleets – not the quality of your english, but some of the words that have been used. Do you feel that using words like ‘gay’ or ‘faggot’ in a pejorative sense is inappropriate? Has this harmed your ability to communicate with members of the community, the CSM, or CCP?

I think you are blowing something out of proportion. See thread

Finally, if voters knew nothing else about you, what would you want that one thing to be?

That i feel strong that players shoudl respect eachother, ingame as much as real life.