CSMX Endorsements

The time has come – voting is under way and here’s how my ballot is gonna look:

  1. Chance Ravinne
    • If you had told me a few weeks back that I’d be putting someone I’d never really heard of, who had only been playing EVE for a year or so, at the top of my ballot – I would have quite frankly laughed you out of whatever room we were in. However, here we are. Chance is a charismatic guy, a superb communicator, and someone who touches on topics that I think are of real importance: new player attraction and retention; marketing and media savviness; and exploration/stealth gameplay. Anyone who has ever attempted video production on any scale will know the work ethic that Chance has to have in order to run his YouTube channel, so I have no doubts there, and overall I don’t think there’s another person running I’d be more sad to see not make it.
  2. Sugar Kyle
    • Sugar Kyle is a force of nature on the CSM, easily surpassing all her colleagues in work ethic and earnestness. I do, at times, find the earnestness a little off-putting personally. My personal interactions with Sugar have not been that great (though, to be fair, that is probably mainly my fault). However, there is no denying the job she has done on CSM9 and her right to keep doing that job in CSMX.
  3. Jayne Fillon
    • Jayne is a solid guy, all past drama aside. He’s a passionate member of the community who has put in the legwork to improve his corner of it. Given some face time with CCP, I have no doubt that great things can be done to improve the life of the NPSI crowd, and I have a feeling he will also be an able communicator in the term to come.
  4. Psianh Auvyander
    • Similar to Khador and Jayne, I think Psianh has all the hallmarks of an able CSM member. He has a huge desire to improve the game and the chops to speak intelligently on the areas he is primarily interested in. I’d love to see war decs further iterated on, as well as the mercenary style of play, and there is no one else I’d rather see represent those points of view than Psianh.
  5. Steve Ronuken
    • As I stated previously, I think in a perfect world Steve wouldn’t be running for the CSM – he’d instead have a CCP name, or at least be serving as a paid consultant on the development of EVE’s third party stuff. However this world is flawed and full of terrors – so onto my ballot he goes. An even-keeled dude with a severe allergy to drama, he’s easily the incumbent I’d be most sad about if he didn’t make it back on.
  6. Khador Vess
    • I was singularly impressed by Khador’s views and platform. I think his experience in dealing with new players is unique enough to warrant inclusion on the CSM, and I feel that we’ve just seen the beginning of his skills as a communicator. Of course, there’s always the risk of him ‘pulling a Mangala’ and not being the most engaged fellow on the Council, but I feel like that risk is significantly reduced from Mangala himself. I’m happy to put him on┬ámy ballot!
  7. Endie (von Posts)
    • Endie gave me my start on TMC and, when he was still writing actively there, always forced me to go to a dictionary to find out what some word meant. He’s a super smart, super sharp guy that will do well on the CSM. He’s also #2 on the CFC ballot, hence his relatively low placement on mine – he doesn’t need my votes.
  8. Sion Kumitomo
    • If there was any chance at all that Sion wouldn’t make it onto CSMX he would be the easy #1 choice for me. A good dude, a sharp mind, and a super-dry wit, Sion is everything and more I want out of a CSM member. Again, though, due to being #1 on the CFC ballot, I’m gonna put him low on mine.
  9. Mike Azariah
    • I don’t really see eye to eye with Mike on very much, but similar to Sugar there is no denying his passion and commitment to the CSM. I mean, come on, I think this is his tenth run for the CSM (not really, but close). Voting for Mike has become a guilty pleasure habit type activity for me. However, I’m not sure what he brings to the table over and above people like Khador, Psianh, or Sugar. I wish him the best of luck in the election and do hope he makes it on – I just won’t be shedding many tears if he doesn’t. He’s had a good run!

If this ballot sounds good to you, then I encourage you to hit this link to go make your voice known. If it doesn’t, though – still go vote! If for no other reason than the fact that I dedicated way too many hours to this CSM election for not being a candidate and I’d really like to think it was for more than my own edification. Seriously though, the CSM remains a unique institution in the gaming landscape and one worth supporting, so make sure you vote before the election ends March 10th.