CSMX Predictions

I wouldn’t be much of a spaceship politics pundit if I didn’t offer at least some kind of prediction on how things are going to shake out in the CSMX elections. There are a lot of guys (who are a lot smarter than me) working on their own predictions – I look forward in particular to Danikov’s prediction web on TMC sometime in the next week – but I’m still gonna take a swing at it. Here’s who I think will get elected, in no particular order:

  1. Sion Kumitomo
  2. Manfred Sidious
  3. Endie
  4. Sugar Kyle
  5. Steve Ronuken
  6. UAxDeath
  7. Mike Azariah
  8. Corbexx
  9. Jayne Fillon
  10. Chance Ravinne
  11. Cagali Cagali
  12. Khador Vess
  13. Corebloodbrothers
  14. Psianh Auvyander

Sion, Endie, and Manfred are obvious null-bloc selections. Sugar, Steve, and Mike have cemented themselves in previous CSM terms and are likely to be returned. Corebloodbrothers, Cagali, UAxDeath, Corbexx, and Khador enjoy the backing of substantially sized blocs. This leaves essentially just 3 seats up for grabs out of the remaining 60+ candidates. Jayne gets in if he rallies enough of his NPSI base and gets on enough other ballots (which he should). Chance gets in if YouTube viewers translates to votes. And Psianh gets in because mercs want a voice too, maybe? Really the last seat is 100% up for grabs and I’m just being a little wishful in my thinking. I could easily see the last spot going to Bam Stroker, Bobmon, June Ting, Migui, Thoric Frosthammer – the list goes on.

The only other thing I could potentially try to predict is who the two ‘permanent attendees’ will be – and my prediction is that there will be none. I’m not sure if CCP Leeloo or Falcon have said anything official, but I know that they are leaning towards just doing away with that concept. With the CSM summits expanding to 5 days and 10 delegates in attendance, I’m pretty sure that CCP will just be flying out whomever can make it to the summit. Voting end March 10th for CSMX – so make sure you get your voice heard before next week!