CSMX Results: Predictable and Slightly Disappointing

The results are in for the CSMX election and they are shocking! Okay, not really – in fact, they are kind of opposite. Predictable in all but the smallest details and slightly disappointing on a couple of fronts, here’s your winners:


Let’s start with matching up reality to my predictions. I got 11 out of 14 members correct, which is not too shabby if I say so myself. Of the three I got wrong, almost all of them can be chalked up to me underestimating the organizational abilities of nullsec blocs not named CFC or PL. The picks I had wrong? UAxDeath, Khador Vess, and Psianh Auvyander. Instead of those three, we get Sort Dragon, Gorga, and Thoric Frosthammer (though to be fair I did call the Psianh Auvyander pick as a total toss up, with Thoric a possibility for that seat on the Council).

The one I’m most surprised didn’t make it on was Khador Vess – apparently RVB did not come out swinging for their education director the way they did for RVB superstar Mangala Solaris. I honestly think the CSM will be poorer for it, as Khador would have been invaluable in helping CCP tackle some of the thornier issues where corp/alliance management and new player on-boarding converge.

Other noticeable absences from the Council including Xander Phoena (CZ apparently was unable to carry the day), Bam Stroker (ditto for people who go to EVE Meets), and Ashterothi (ditto ditto for lore nerds). In a year that is featuring lore rather prominently, Ashterothi’s failure to get on is particularly irksome.

Of the 14 members elected, 8 represent nullsec blocs of varying sizes and degrees of influence, with the CFC managing to get three members on and Manfred Sidious of PL taking one of the two permanent attendee spots (the other going to Sugar Kyle). Incumbents coming back for another term include the workhorses – Sugar, Mike Azariah, Steve Ronuken, and Corbexx – as well as those from established blocs.

All in all, it isn’t the worse CSM on paper, but there were few pleasant surprises. I am very interested to see how Chance Ravinne pans out in the CSM, as I am with Jayne Fillon – both of them have tremendous amounts of potential. Good luck to all those elected and commiserations to all those not – better luck next time!


I think it's hilarious that Xander didn't make it. That must have been a huge blow to his oversized ego.

Except that anybody (other than Xander) could have predicted he wasn't going to make it. He barely squeaked into CSM9, as it was. He was looking at a similar tight race this year. His performance on CSMX was drawn into question by Sion, that didn't help him. Right there he lost the votes that might have allowed him to squeak into another seat.

proceduraldave moderator

@PoeticStanziel Definitely a predictable turn of events, I agree - and told him as much myself. Towards the end there I think he had given up all hope and was just kind of going through the motions, though his Cap Stable interview was actually pretty solid.