CSMX Candidates Quizzed: Steve Ronuken

 A few years ago, I ran a questionnaire for CSM candidates regarding lowsec. This year, I’ve decided to do the same, with a twist: there is now a bonus round of questions tailored to each individual candidate that fills out the questionnaire. As quickly as I can, I’ll be posting up their responses: without edit or commentary. Next into the questionnaire octagon is Steve Ronuken.

Character Name: Steve Ronuken

Twitter: @FuzzySteve

Candidacy Thread: Steve “Fuzzysteve” Ronuken: CSM X

PART 1 – The Questionnaire

What single part of the game do you feel requires the most work in terms of iteration by CCP?

Sov/Structures (They’re tightly linked in the current iteration of Sov. Structures are more important to me, but Sov needs work, badly.)

Do you feel that lowsec is ‘fixed’? If so, explain why. If not, explain what you want to see done to fix it.

Lowsec is in a far better position now, than it used to be, with more reasons to be out in space.

That’s not to say that more work isn’t needed. It’s just out of triage now.

Do you have any plans to push CCP, if elected, to iterate on lowsec in general?

No particular ‘fix lowsec’ push, but I want to see changes which would affect it. Like adjustments to mining (Static belts irritate me.) I’d like to see the ability to stake a claim and improve it, giving another battleground, which requires a /little/ effort to find.

In your opinion, where should lowsec rank in terms of priority for iteration by CCP?

On par with highsec and wormholes, below null (because of Sov changes needed)

What, in your opinion, are the main factors that make lowsec more attractive to its current residents than other areas of space?

A lack of reasons for huge fleets, while still being an open PVP area. A home for small gang warfare, which isn’t as crazy as wormholes.

What is your thinking regarding piracy in lowsec – is it good, bad, or ugly?

‘Piracy’ is an interesting term. If you’re meaning ‘people shooting people for no particular reason other than wanting to’ then it’s definitely good.

What are your thoughts on the notion that increased protection for PVE players in lowsec will result in a better lowsec?

For miners, I think it would. (No real protection. Just not ‘you can immediately warp to them, with no effort to find them) Because mining in lowsec is, generally, an exercise in being blown up for no return.

For everyone else, I don’t think it would. Current ‘protection’ is fine.

What are your thoughts regarding Faction Warfare, particularly the idea that FW is the killer feature of lowsec?

It’s the killer feature for some areas of lowsec. But it’s not all there is to lowsec.

If elected to CSMX and subsequently informed by CCP that lowsec was the ‘hot topic’ for iteration in the coming year, what input and advice would you have for them?

I wouldn’t have a great deal of input initially. I’d have to reach out to the people I know who fly there.

BONUS – What lengths are you willing to go to in order to make pirates flashy red on overview by default again?

I’d ask nicely? (is this still a problem?)

PART 2 – The Interview

What’s your personal background,in real life? What kind of work are you in? Does it help your chances of election, in your opinion? Why or why not?

I’m a systems administrator, working for an SME in Scotland. I don’t think it makes much difference to my chances of election, as it’s not directly related to Eve, or people skills. (Though I do know how to deal with development staff because of it)

If you weren’t running, but you could singlehandedly ensure that any other person in EVE would be elected to CSM, who would you pick and why.

Sugar Kyle. She’s been the standout member of CSM 9, working very hard to represent people.

Other than EVE, what was your favorite game last year (2014)?

I’ve been playing a great deal of Kerbal Space Project. I keep going back to it, trying various mods out.

What sort of background and experience do you have with lowsec in the time you’ve been playing?

I have an alt in Faction warfare? On my main, my main experience for lowsec is as a day tripper, sneaking in for a little PI, or exploration.

In your responses, you state that FW is not all there is to lowsec. What are the other parts, to your understanding?

Mostly, lowsec is a place for ’rare’  resource gathering, and preying on those that are there.

You state that lowsec should be looked at after nullsec, alongside highsec and wormholes – basically, the whole rest of the game. If pressed, how would you rank the needs from 1 to 4, 1 being the most urgent and 4 being least urgent, of those regions of space in terms of attention from CCP?

The things I’d like to see changed aren’t delimited along sec boundaries, but are systems which affect all of Eve. Like mining. Seeing thing as a X sec against Y sec leads to limited thinking. A more holistic view of Eve is important.

You have some interesting ideas regarding mining, particularly that belts should not be static objects. Would you like to see mining opportunities for ore moved to anomalies? Would this not present a barrier to miners?

I’d like to see something larger than that. A new prospecting mechanic (somewhat related to scanning, but more heat mappy.) Yes, it would add an additional level of complexity to mining. I don’t see that being an issue. Right now, Mining is a career path which completes pretty quickly. The full plan is a little large for here, but it involves prospecting for ore, being able to claim the sites created by this, along with the ability to sell such claims (mostly a highsec option.)

As a member of the outgoing CSM, what do you feel is the one thing you contributed most towards in your term?

That’s a hard thing to answer. The thing I’m happiest about is the release of SSO and public Crest for market data. I’d say I contributed there by (pretty constantly) asking for such, and by giving the appropriate Devs a mandate to work with, just by being elected. Other than that, lots of little things. I’m communicating with CCP on a daily basis. The asteroid remnants is direct result of a problem that I raised to CCP. I’ve happy with the result.

How do you feel about the level of CCP – CSM interaction in the last year, given certain issues that have been raised by members of the CSM like Sion regarding a total lack thereof in crucial moments?

In some places, the level of communication has been great. But in others, it’s been somewhat lacking. Part of that has been due to the people involved, preferring to get changes out in front of a larger audience. In others, it was an oversight. I don’t think it was ever malicious. It’s something to work on. To build the relationship further.

What about structures in particular needs addressing most?

Structure Bashes are bad gameplay. They’re dull, and lead to the problems we see with Tidi. They’re also inconsistent, with a number of different mechanics to do things. Ideally, a replacement system would be consistent, with deploying big structures being the same as small. I’d like to see outposts, for example, to be built up from a number of smaller structures. A higher degree of customization. The other problems stem from the permissions system. Securing structures from bad actors within your corporation is a lot harder than it should be.

How do you feel about the CSM’s current role as a whole? Couldn’t the job of providing ‘the voice of the customer’ (as one poster in your campaign thread called your role in development) be done with contact from CCP’s relevant developers directly to the third party developer community (for one example)? In short, why is there a CSM that does not guarantee the appropriate people will be able to talk to CCP directly when other approaches are available without all the nonsense?

The CSM is a focus group for CCP, to help manage expectations. Historically, CCP’s been bad with that. Tell players you’re looking at something, and some will hear ‘we’re doing this thing’. Which leads to people being upset or disappointed when it turns out not to be viable. The CSM makes managing expectations easier. Also, the loudest voices aren’t always the voices with the support of the most people. The CSM acts as a filter for that.

Let’s throw out a hypothetical: let’s say that structures are addressed as completely as CCP wants/can afford to in the first 6 months of your term. What do you bring to the table for the remaining six months?

Third party development is an ongoing task. I don’t see it ever being finished. As such, I’ll always have valuable input. Ditto with industry. Every change interacts with industry on some level. The module rebalancing, for example. New things could ‘destroy’ the profitability of some markets. I’m here to help mitigate such things.

Have the CSM and CCP gotten…too close…on occasions?


That was a fun party

Finally, if voters knew nothing else about you, what would you want that one thing to be?

I make things for the community. Being on the CSM makes it easier to ask for tools to make that easier and those things better.