CSMX Candidates Quizzed: Tora Bushido

 A few years ago, I ran a questionnaire for CSM candidates regarding lowsec. This year, I’ve decided to do the same, with a twist: there is now a bonus round of questions tailored to each individual candidate that fills out the questionnaire. As quickly as I can, I’ll be posting up their responses: without edit or commentary. Next into the questionnaire octagon is Tora Bushido, Executor of The Marmite Collective. 

Character Name: Tora Bushido

Twitter: @Blowfish70

Candidacy Thread: Tora Bushido for CSM X – A New High-sec (No nerfed Disneyland)

PART 1 – The Questionnaire

What single part of the game do you feel requires the most work in terms of iteration by CCP?

Keeping Eve Evil and not nerf it to death.

Do you feel that lowsec is ‘fixed’? If so, explain why. If not, explain what you want to see done to fix it.

I don’t think so. Not much has been done the last few years. I want more interaction between low-sec and high-sec and not as many see it as a border they do not cross.

Do you have any plans to push CCP, if elected, to iterate on lowsec in general?

My main focus will be on high-sec, but since its connected to low-sec, it’s hard to not give it attention.

I wouldn’t be against removing the faction police, so we would see more players with -5 or lower in high-sec. Interaction between high-sec and any other part of Eve can only be good. It also shows players from high-sec that there is more then just high-sec (where most start in). There are enough players in high-sec to still shoot them, so I don’t really see the need for the police.

In your opinion, where should lowsec rank in terms of priority for iteration by CCP?

I am mainly a high-sec, but looking at it objectively, you can only come to one conclusion. Low-sec should be prio 1. Wh, high-sec and low sec have had enough attention so far. WH and (modular) posses should probably be prio 2.

What, in your opinion, are the main factors that make lowsec more attractive to its current residents than other areas of space?

Probably the chaos and anarchy. Anything go’s, no one is safe. WH, null-sec and high-sec are relatively safe. In low-sec you also have a lot of small gangs moving around, who are not part of bigger alliances, with blues, friends etc.

What is your thinking regarding piracy in lowsec – is it good, bad, or ugly?

Piracy in low-sec is good, bad and Ugly at the same time. Yarr!

What are your thoughts on the notion that increased protection for PVE players in lowsec will result in a better lowsec?

Increased protecting PVE players in low-sec isn’t a good thing. It would kill the evilness and you would be moving in the wrong direction.

What are your thoughts regarding Faction Warfare, particularly the idea that FW is the killer feature of lowsec?

I personally do not like faction warfare as it is now. They should create tags which can fix your standings, like the security status. Then you would see more people joining.

If elected to CSMX and subsequently informed by CCP that lowsec was the ‘hot topic’ for iteration in the coming year, what input and advice would you have for them?

By the time we would be having this conversation with CCP, the first thing I would do, is talk to the low-sec community and hear about their ideas are priorities. I don’t think a CSM should be giving advice to CCP, without consulting the people you’re doing this for.

BONUS – What lengths are you willing to go to in order to make pirates flashy red on overview by default again?

100%, Flashy Red makes me go crazy !

PART 2 – The Interview

What’s your personal background, in real life? What kind of work are you in? Does it help your chances of election, in your opinion? Why or why not?

I am an IT nerd who started gaming since Pong (aka Tennis) and when the Internet didn’t even have graphics yet. The Internet knowledge is something I use for my work. Does this help me in the election ? Well maybe, as Eve is full of IT nerds. Time will tell. But I hope people will vote for me because of what I want to do for them and not because of my day job.

If you weren’t running, but you could singlehandedly ensure that any other person in EVE would be elected to CSM, who would you pick and why.

Cortex would be my CSM choice, because he is good at what he does for the WH community. And my roots are in WH space. We do have some different high-sec ideas, but he is someone who will also listen to other opinions.

Other than EVE, what was your favorite game last year (2014)?

Other games then Eve ? This must be a trick question. None of course. Eve 24/7.

What sort of background and experience do you have with lowsec in the time you’ve been playing?

This is something I would like to keep for myself, but let’s say, I was in very good low-sec alliance with one of my alts. And even with Marmites we sometimes have fun in low-sec, when we are looking for more skilled pvp targets.

In your responses, you stated you’d like to see more interaction between lowsec and highsec. What sorts of interactions do you have in mind? You’ve stated you’d like to see faction police removed so that -5 and below could traverse highsec freely – is that what you’d have in mind?

Yes, I think removing faction police could be fun to get more low-sec players in to high-sec, which would give low-sec and high-sec more content. Getting high-sec players to low-sec isn’t as easy as it sounds, but I am open to suggestions. Remember, I am not here to create perfect solutions. I am here to listen to the community and see what changes the community think would help them.

In your responses you mentioned ‘evil’ and ‘evilness’ in EVE as an apparent good thing. Could you elaborate on this? What do you view as evil and at risk of removal from the game?

Evilness, like wars / scamming and ganking for example, is a good thing in Eve. It’s what makes this game different from most other games. I want to keep that way and not nerf the game to death.

The Bonus Room made headlines last year – do you believe CCP was right in banning those involved for what was essentially an out-of-client event?

The bonus room was just over the edge of what I think is acceptable. Should they have perma banned them right away? No. Eve is evil, which means you also have grey area’s of what is and isn’t allowed. I agree with CCP that the bonus room was over the edge, but I personally would have temp. banned them for 1-2 months. And if you ban people, ban the right people. Guys like D400 and DJ had nothing to do with it. They were just at the wrong place and time. Teamspeak might be out of game, but it bonus room was still related to the game. This is a debatable issue.

In your announcement post on the CSM forums, you suggested that anti-gankers be given more of an opportunity to combat gankers in highsec, by enticing criminal targets out into space. This suggestion has come under fire in the thread as a result. Do you still believe this is an adequate way of changing the ganker/anti-ganker dynamic?

I think the hideout suggestion would be something the AG and the gankers would profit from and creates fun content. The idea’s I had before this are now irrelevant.

What is your experience as a miner? You made a suggestion that a slot machine mini-game would help entice miners to be more active in the client, essentially to combat AFK behavior. Do you believe that a mini-game similar to the one involved in hacking is a good direction for addressing mining mechanics?

[This Question Was Not Answered]

A lot of the changes you’ve suggested would seem to be aimed at making highsec a safer place for those without the means to defend themselves. However, in the past you’ve also been a top contributor to things like and are, obviously, CEO of arguably the most prominent wardec corporation in highsec. How do you reconcile these two facts?

I don’t agree that my suggestions are making high-sec a safer place and I also don’t want it to get any safer. Safer is boring and would kill the game. What I do want, is more interaction between the “Good” and “Bad”. Fun Eve content for everyone!

Finally, if voters knew nothing else about you, what would you want that one thing to be?

I love this game and will do anything to keep it running for another 10 years.