CSMX Voting Completed

Last week saw the election for CSMX finally end. After what seemed like an eternity consisting of interviews, threads, posts, and more interviews, all the work is done now. However, CCP (as is tradition) keeps the suspense building by not disclosing the results of the election until Fanfest. To tide us over, CCP Leeloo released a little information regarding the election – namely the graph seen above.

This should really not come as a shock. The initial surge of votes from those prepared and committed, a severe drop off over the intervening week, followed by a small but perceptible uptick in the last 48 hours that the polls were open. Most interesting, though, was how the totals stacked up versus previous years. Noizygamer provided the stats on Twitter:


As you can see, CSM voting turnout had been on a three year decline, dropping from a peak of nearly 60,000 votes in 2012 to just over half that last year. Now, there are a lot of reasons this could be the case: CSMs 6 and 7 saw The Mittani mustering the full weight of the CFC at the polls; subscriber numbers trended downwards during the 2012-2014 period; new player numbers failed to increase above average for that period; etc.

However, this year saw the trend break, with a 18~ percent increase in voter turnout. Again, there could be any number of explanations – I personally favor the theory that the ‘This is EVE’ trailer sparked a huge uptick in players that translated to an uptick at the polls – but whatever the reason, it’s a great sign for the game. Had numbers dipped into the 20k range, I shudder to think of the many ‘EVE is Dying’ posts that would have erupted (outnumbered only by the ‘CSM is Dead’ posts, of course).

Hopefully this Friday brings good news to those deserving of it when the CSM election results are announced! Good luck to all those in the running, and damn you CCP (for holding out on us).