E3 2016: Winners and Losers

Okay, this is it – the last E3 2016 post I’ll make this year. Apologies to my Eve followers in particular for clogging up their feeds, but E3 is like Christmas for me.

Anyways, I thought I’d close the year with a bit of a winners/losers post.


Now, I actually didn’t catch all of these in real time – I missed the last bit of Microsoft and the first bit of Ubisoft thanks to the PC Gaming Show, and completely missed out on Bethesda’s altogether. However, I have to say that Sony wins the pre-E3 Best Show, if for no other reason than that damned orchestra. It was kind of amazing. I loved the slow play into the God of War 4 reveal to open, and I loved how little time was spent on people on stage. Instead, the vast majority of the 90 minute presser was dedicated to just rolling out footage of new games.

let's just hope the baby isn't an oil covered fetus that disappears after a moment
Norman Reedus and Hideo Kojima ARE gonna have a baby

That being said, I felt like Microsoft hit most of the notes it needed to hit (and one, the reveal of the Xbox Scorpio unit, that it didn’t) and I was super impressed by Phil Spencer’s appearance on the Giant Bomb live show on Wednesday night – he’s a great interview and comes across like a real game enthusiast who is also a savvy businessman and a pragmatist. He’s a dude you can’t help but like.

EA was way too much sports crap (as usual, though FIFA actually looked a little compelling even to someone like me), Ubisoft was okay, and the PC Gaming Show was easily the most dull of them all, though I do like several of the games on display there.


Titanfall 2. I never would have foreseen a sequence of events in which I’d say I was very, very interested in Titanfall 2, but here we are. The short teaser they showed of the single player campaign looked, frankly, astonishingly good, and grapple hooking dudes out of midair looked like it could be fun. Similarly, I was super impressed by the new Call of Duty, and I’m not a CoD type of guy at all. Battlefield 1 as well – maybe I’m getting set for a shooter binge this year. We’ll have to see what I actually end up buying, though.


Days Gone. Boy, howdy, how do you bring out something that looks like The Last of Us and then leave us all hollow feeling? Story? What story? Wonderful characters? What characters? Honestly, Days Gone moves the meter for me not even a little. Even the bike looked lame. ReCore looked interesting when it was first announced last year, but having been up close and personal with it – it reminds me far too much of Borderlands (without the fun snark), and I’m not a huge Borderlands guy, really. And Sea of Thieves…well, I watched a fair amount of the demos people were playing and I’m not interested in the least bit.


Necropolis is a little indie Souls-esque game with an absolutely wonderful art style that my mind keeps coming back to – it was shown in the Xbox section of the floor and really should’ve had a much longer line, if people knew what was good for them. Likewise when it comes to Abzu, a beautiful game focused on exploration. These two really stuck with me, along with Headlander (which I wrote about over on Zam), and I’m looking forward to seeing more about all of them in the future.

And, well, I guess that’s it! There are a smattering of other games that looked interesting from afar, but they were all either so far off, or showed so little substantive gameplay, that they hardly merit thinking about today. Now, we can get back to our regularly scheduled programming around here.