Emergent Art: Rixx Javix

One of the things that continually impresses me about the passion players have for games is fan art. Sure, podcasts and blogs can certainly represent a significant outlay of time and energy, but that impressiveness exists on another plane, a less visceral level, than art itself. When you combine passion and talent you have a surefire recipe for some amazing stuff.

Today’s stuff comes from Rixx Javix because holy crap look at these ship posters. Now, I know this is a pretty obvious pick in the EVE Community and could be for any number of reasons – Rixx is a prolific and talented guy with a tremendous passion for EVE Online. However, for this post, I’d like to highlight his series of ship posters. Here’s a few I like (they are all pretty great):

Hookbill Art Print

Fenrir Art Print Poster

Maelstrom Art Print Poster

Those are just a handful. Make sure to check out the full album to have your mind blown!