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End of an Era

I no longer work for

After a concerted, six month effort to work on the business development side of things (in addition to my nominal role at TMC as Executive Editor) things have finally started to come to fruition for the site. It has transitioned from the sole ownership of The Mittani to being an actual corporation, with C-level execs, a board of directors, the full nine yards. Having worked for 2 years on the site in various capacities – the titles change, but the role always being to do the hard things that no one else wanted to do or was equipped to do – I’m incredibly sad that I will no longer be an active part of TMC going forward.

I did everything asked of me for the website and more. I drove new content efforts, entire new divisions of the site even, for just about 2 years total. Streaming, YouTube, convention coverage and more – I did it all. I sold ad deals, did invoicing, conducted analysis of metrics, made strategic content decisions, handled payroll and contributor relations, hired and fired people. Under my tenure the site peaked at nearly 400,000 unique monthly users and nearly 3 million pageviews. When I returned from my absence the site went from 150,000 monthly unique users to 250,000 within a few months. I am proud of these things – in fact, the only thing I’m more proud of at this point are my children. I walked into TMC not knowing a fraction of what I’d end up doing, but worked hard at doing all the things that needed to be done and I feel I’m better off for it.

TMC has been a life changing experience – literally. Without TMC I would never have thought to apply to a job in the games industry with SOE and wouldn’t be where I am at today professionally. I would never have made the acquaintance of many really fine people, and I would be several friends lighter than I am today. I went to E3, Blizzcon, and EVE Vegas because of TMC and had a blast at all those things. I had hoped to continue having these adventures, meeting interesting people, and making new friends. Alas, it is not to be so.

I’m a bit conflicted at the fact that this chapter of my life is done now. However, at the edges of all this, there is a sense of relief. Between my day job and TMC I’ve had incredibly little time to do anything else. Now, I have time. I can spend some more time with my kids, who are literally the best kids in the world (seriously they got an award – I made it, but still). I can blog without the nagging sensation that something has been left undone on TMC. I can watch hockey games, read Roman history, read some novels I’ve been meaning to get to, and finish all the great games that came out last year that have been collecting dust on my shelves.

As for TMC, I can’t really speak to how things are shaping up. There are big plans for the future that I’m sure everyone will hear more about come Fanfest. In the end, I’m just focused on doing what is best for me in the future, and writing great stuff about games. Be sure to subscribe to the blog on RSS if that’s what you prefer, and tell your friends about stuff on here that tickles your fancy!