Eve’s Staying Power is Rivaled by Few

There are a few nearly universal truths about Eve players: first, Eve players almost always have to try the game more than once before getting it to sitck; second, once a player commits to Eve for a few months, they are unlikely to ever completely turn their back on the game; and third, that means Eve players always come back. Few games ever made can make the claim that once you are a player, you’re always a player, but Eve is one of those. Recently Ars Technica obtained some statistics from Steam on all manner of things – most played 2014 releases, revenue, etc. What leapt out to me was the graph you see above, reproduced in full below:


“Mean number” is an interesting statistic to pull (as opposed to the more common ‘average’) but is still pretty impressive. For older titles, only CS:GO (a huge, huge FPS and presence on the eSports scene) had a higher mean play time. For a game to hit 80 hours played represents a significant investment of time and energy on the part of the player no matter what the title – doubly so for a game over a decade old. However, there are some surprises on this list, like:

  • Bejeweled? On PC? What the…
  • The Secret World is a game I’m absolutely going to have to pick up the next time it is on sale – it is the only other MMO on the list and I keep hearing good things
  • Way to go Paradox! Three different Hearts of Iron titles on the list, along with EUIII and Victoria II is downright impressive
  • Okay seriously how are that many people still playing CivCity: Rome?

I love seeing statistics like this and highly encourage those like me to go check out the Ars article, some really good nuggets in there.

Wilhelm Arcturus
Wilhelm Arcturus

And, being pals on Steam with some EVE players, there is an interesting correlation between EVE and some of the other games on that list, many of which are the "other" game somebody has running when we're in EVE and shooting structures or some such.  I know I've seen Laz in EVE and up on GS:GO at the same time more than once.

proceduraldave moderator

@Wilhelm Arcturus Aw man I was hoping you were gonna say Bejeweled 3 rather than CS:GO as Laz's secret side-game! That's an interesting angle though and would be genuinely curious to see some statistics on that front.