Eve’s Staying Power is Rivaled by Few

There are a few nearly universal truths about Eve players: first, Eve players almost always have to try the game more than once before getting it to sitck; second, once a player commits to Eve for a few months, they are unlikely to ever completely turn their back on the game; and third, that means Eve players always come back. Few games ever made can make the claim that once you are a player, you’re always a player, but Eve is one of those. Recently Ars Technica¬†obtained¬†some statistics from Steam on all manner of things – most played 2014 releases, revenue, etc. What leapt out to me was the graph you see above, reproduced in full below:


“Mean number” is an interesting statistic to pull (as opposed to the more common ‘average’) but is still pretty impressive. For older titles, only CS:GO (a huge, huge FPS and presence on the eSports scene) had a higher mean play time. For a game to hit 80 hours played represents a significant investment of time and energy on the part of the player no matter what the title – doubly so for a game over a decade old. However, there are some surprises on this list, like:

  • Bejeweled? On PC? What the…
  • The Secret World is a game I’m absolutely going to have to pick up the next time it is on sale – it is the only other MMO on the list and I keep hearing good things
  • Way to go Paradox! Three different Hearts of Iron titles on the list, along with EUIII and Victoria II is downright impressive
  • Okay seriously how are that many people still playing CivCity: Rome?

I love seeing statistics like this and highly encourage those like me to go check out the Ars article, some really good nuggets in there.