Exiting the Summer Slump

Each year, not only Eve Online but seemingly all of the games industry dies a little during the summer. In the span between June’s annual E3 and the start of fall, everyone just sort of…vanishes. The weather turns good for many, kids are out of school and need entertaining, and vacations are taken by all that can. Maintaining momentum through summer in Eve Online, in particular, is nearly impossible (something that all of the media sites seem to be experiencing this summer, even in the wake of the announcement that Eve would be going Free to Play in November).

My brother in law BP and I were no different. Earlier this year we both did some RvB, then participated in the Imperium tear down as pilots in Test, then began wormhole operations on our own in order to build up our wallets. However, I’m somewhat ashamed to say, we both faded out. The POS ran dry and its fate remains unknown, as I let the sub on my wormhole account lapse a few months back. Chances are, though, it will have been properly smashed.

Of course, Eve Vegas is around the corner, and I woke up last week to find an email from CCP accepting my proposal for a talk this year! Unfortunately, it’s a topic that perhaps won’t have the same buzz that it would’ve at last year’s Eve Vegas, but in a way that is also a blessing – now I can reveal some more information than I probably would have last year. Of course, that topic is the Eve Media.

As I’ve begun working on the presentation, I’ve found myself wondering exactly what the road forward is for me in an Eve Online context. I know that I’ll be picking up production of content for JFC now that summer is wrapping up and the kids are in school – but there’s a lot to talk about aside from Eve. I’m still on the hook to help out with Cap Stable’s Cap Booster spin off, and have several ideas for interesting podcast content besides that. However, I’ve been wondering if I really need to play Eve, within the client, to effectively contribute and be a member of the community. My goals for Eve are almost all outside the client itself, aside from the occasional bit of coverage of interesting happenings within it.

However that pans out, though, I’m happy to be writing once more about fun things. In the coming week I’ll be talking a bit about No Man’s Sky, World of Warcraft: Legion, and the aftermath of World War Bee in Eve Online. There’s so much to cover and so much to plan for; it’s an exciting time to be independent!