Ferocious 7.0

For the last year or so at the least, I’ve been bewailing the lack of quality PVP videos in EVE Online to anyone who’ll listen. Ever since the Bringing Solo Back meltdown following the hiring of Rise, the last vestiges of great PVP content hitting YouTube appeared to be done. Apparently not, though. I present to you, in all its glory, Ferocious 7.0 (just listen to that soundtrack)! Featuring a 50/50 mix of solo and small gang (with links, of course – I’m not saying it’s perfect) warfare, we get to see Vindicators, Nightmares, and Apoc Navy Issues put through their paces. This thing is legitimately good:


The Otto Von Bismark (Viking Duffo) series is bloody good too

proceduraldave moderator

@eoi249 Hadn't heard of that one either! I'll have to go hunt it down - thanks for the tip!