First Look: Eve Online’s Project Discovery

Back at EVE Vegas 2015, CCP announced that they had formed a partnership with a Swedish research team to enact a sort of folding@home project specific to the EVE client called Project Discovery. The researchers, in short, are tasked with cataloguing all the various proteins that go into the makeup of cells – and what sorts of structures certain proteins are used for. It’s all very high level stuff, but the takeaway is that EVE is getting a new mini-game, called Project Discovery.

Below is a video of the complete tutorial as it currently stands on Singularity, EVE’s test server. Essentially, players are tasked with identifying the green-stained structures in the images that pop up through the UI. Successfully completing an analysis nets the player some ISK, some Sisters of Eve LP, and an accuracy rating. Over time, greater accuracy ratings will provide greater payouts. Check out the video to see what Project Discovery is all about!