Flying Sideways on Fridays

Late last year, in my role as Executive Editor of I decided it was high time that we refocused on building our streaming media. As a result, TMC now has quite a good lineup of content every week over on Twitch – seriously, you should check it out. We’ve got The Mittani’s Meta Show on Saturdays, TMC Live on Mondays, and Lazarus Telraven (famed Goonswarm FC and Alliance Tournament commentator) streaming EVE and other games Tuesday through Thursday.

However, there were still a couple gaps to fill, leading to myself and TMC Managing Editor Alikchi sitting down every Friday night, drinks in hand, to cause wonderful explosions in EVE and also answer some questions along the way. This last Friday was no exception as Alikchi and myself took to lowsec, armed only with our wits and some ships (no links, no scouts, no problem!) in a search for hilarity.

We departed Ishomilken, Stay Frosty HQ and the closest thing we have to a staging system for our little escapades, with a course set for my old stomping grounds of Aurohunen. As usual, there wasn’t much to shoot at on the way there – these things take place late on a Friday night, after all – but Alikchi managed to whet his appetite with a Venture kill in Ishomilken. A small appetizer, we were sure, to the many great kills we would achieve that night.

In Mara, Alikchi landed on another Venture – seemingly AFK – and I rushed to aid him in keeping lowsec’s mining belts clear. However, the miner woke up and left the scene thanks to its native +2 warp strength before I could arrive. Oh well – we didn’t need another Venture kill. What we really needed were new drinks.

Cups refreshed, we headed into Aurohunen, delighted to find the area relatively populated. Alikchi ran off, at my behest, to see if he could pop a cyno rookie ship on a station with his Vengeance. Instead, he found himself face to face with a Malediction. Being a sneaky old pirate, I just so happened to have a perch off the top asteroid belt in Aurohunen, 200km from the warp in. I told Alikchi to warp off the station to top belt and see if the Malediction followed.

Oh, it followed – it followed with friends. With the Malediction comfortably kiting us, both Alikchi and I started to head into the rocks at the belt. This can be a decent tactic when combating kiters in belts, as most aren’t skilled enough to navigate the rocks as well as keep their distance from you. As both of us turned away, shelley’s Jihad had to alter course to keep up, and soon came within overheated web range of my really oddly fitted Algos (got it off corp contracts, don’t ask!). For a glorious second, I thought we might actually win.

But then momentum carried the day for shelley. The Malediction escaped my web and took the opportunity to clear off the field, which was fine by Alikchi and I; a Crusader which had been observing the fight from afar had smelled blood and swooped onto the field, as had an Ares. Undaunted (really we had no choice but to fight) we first tackled down the Ares, which curiously had closed to within 1km of me at one point, then the Crusader. In a matter of moments, which felt like ages, we were victorious.

I think we both felt a little shock at the encounter. Our Friday Fleets don’t typically result in much of the way of competent PVP. This day, though, our Algos/Vengeance tandem had proven the match for a Malediction, Ares, and Crusader (which we only realized after the fact were all in the same corporation). I sat, stunned, on the field for a few seconds longer – until a Garmur landed on the field and I noticed that shelley’s Malediction was zooming back towards us. Unable to loot our victims, Alikchi and I ran like horror movie victims back into space.

The rest of the evening was spent getting drunker and making ever poorer decisions. I’m pretty sure I lost my Algos at some point – I’m not sure when or how, but according to this killmail it seems to have involved a wonderful trip to Tama – and Alikchi definitely lost his Vengeance. He then tackled a Stratios with a Scythe Fleet Issue and died again, after which we decided to duel it out in Tristan’s, to predictable results.

This Friday we’re heading to Thera, because that sounds like a great place to be drunk and lose ships. I’ll be streaming on the TMC Twitch channel, probably starting around 7pm Pacific. Make sure to tune in so that you, too, may point and laugh. And below, enjoy the highlight reel!