For The Republic

Alternate title: Reports of RvB’s Demise Have Been Greatly Exaggerated

I’ve been doing a lot of navel gazing the last week or so, spurred on by a sincere regret for having missed EVE Vegas this year. This, in turn, caused me to resub, to analyze my options, and decide on a new, fresh course. At about the same time, a major organization seemed to be heading for either total hell death or rebirth. Perfect fit!

So now, as of earlier today, I’m officially a member of Blue Republic of RVB fame. Yes, RVB ‘ceased formal operations’, but it looks like there are enough people willing to make a go of continuing on. I’ve been in RVB a few times before, though never for very long or in a terribly active way. In the past, RVB’s promise of quick PVP has made it a bit of a go-between or temporary shelter for my characters. Now, though, I think that same promise – which still burns bright today – might just be the perfect fit for my real life circumstances.

No commitments? Check.
Quick access to PVP? Check.
A place to excel? Check.

It was a tough call to leave Stay Frosty, but my loyalty to that corporation stems largely from a friendship with Rixx Javix, which I know won’t really change now that I’m not in corp. After all, it’s not like I was terribly active before! Nonetheless, I do owe my sincere thanks to Rixx for giving my character a comfy home in lowsec while life did its thing, and I look forward to continuing to work with him on some projects that have been slow cooking for the last little while.

My one concern with RVB was that the USTZ presence seemed to be particularly lackluster, but I had some impromptu conversations with random RVB members last night that convinced me to pull the trigger. There may not be the numbers of yesteryear, but there are still plenty of opportunities. While en route from lowsec to the Republic’s home in Oshaima, I happened upon a dozing RedFed Catalyst, slumbering in a belt, lured to sleep by the pleasant sounds of mining lasers in the background. I pounced in my Taranis, but I targeted too early, alerting the Catalyst pilot who made it out of the belt just in time.

A few moments later, I spotted a new Caracal on scan, and after some false starts, finally pounced on the same pilot from earlier, though I was now fairly outgunned. The fight was close – extremely close, with the Caracal falling into low armor (perhaps 3-4 volleys from my overheated Taranis until explosion) when I fell. Nonethless, it was a great fight, and I moved on to Oshaima eager for more. Then, life got in the way, dinner came along, and a short while later I finally undocked in a spiffy new Catalyst named ‘Hagelin’.

In Oisio I came across a Tristan on d-scan, and soon tracked it down to a station. Upon landing on grid, the Tristan warped – to a clearly identifiable planet. After a short pursuit, I locked him up and fired away – and the Tristan instantly exploded. Turns out he was on the limp after a run in with two other Blue Republic fighters. It only took one volley from the Catalyst to kill it, but hey – my first kill in over 200 days!

Not a bad start.