Friday Fun: A Light Dose of Blood

The busy season continues at work. Long hours in the office and even some take-home assignments, combined with a C++ class this month, mean that I’m absolutely devoid of spare time. Last weekend, though, I did manage to get some gaming in. I buckled awhile back, suckered in by the promise of 10% off any PSN purchase, and bought Bloodborne. Bloodborne is, by all educated accounts, essentially a new Dark Souls game – a series produced by From Software. If we count everything as part of the same series (as they all essentially are), you could call Bloodborne ‘Dark Souls 4’.

Souls games have a bit of a reputation. They are hard. They are brutal. They are unforgiving. Bloodborne is more of the same. Upon booting up the game you find yourself facing down the terrifying visage of what appears to be a werewolf who proceeds to murder you. Upon your predictable, if quick, death you are greeted by:

Thanks for the screen IGN.
Thanks for the screen IGN.

It is not a subtle game. Blood flies in every direction, death messages dominate the screen, enemies (at least the humanoids) are approximately 1.5x the size they should be – bosses are the size of buildings. And yet, it is an incredibly subtle game – systems lay hidden in plain sight, with little to no explanation as to what they do or even what the few words used to describe them might mean.

I haven’t spent a ton of time with Bloodborne, but I can see myself getting into it once things calm down otherwise. However, I have a desperate itch that only EVE can scratch – things must be exploded, and soon!

(Apologies for the short post, I simply haven’t played much at all!)