Friday Fun: EVE and Elder Scrolls

Bloodborne came out this week and you have no idea the internal struggle I went through to keep myself from purchasing it. It was a titanic match of internal wills – one that said ‘omg that game looks amazing and rewarding’ and the other that said ‘you don’t have the time, nor the money to purchase a new controller after you inevitably break yours’. In the end, practicality won out – mainly due to the fact that I think I want to play Dark Souls 2 on PS4 before jumping into Bloodborne, and that still isn’t out yet.

Instead, I found myself reinvigorated in regards to an old mainstay (EVE) and curiously plucking away at an old contender (Elder Scrolls Online). I’ll start with the latter first, as that is where I spent a good portion of my early week:

First off, I’m still not sure if I like Elder Scrolls Online. I mucked around for a bit, as I described last installment, on my highest level ESO character from launch – a level 16 nightblade. However, I didn’t really like the look or feel of the character and being so far removed from playing it I really had no idea where to even start back up. Naturally, it was time for a reboot.

I dabbled a little bit with each of the 4 classes to differing extents, but it is again a Nightblade that seems to resonate with me, though this time it is a dual wield build rather than the archer build of my level 16. I played around a good bit, getting to level 7 or so, and found myself actually wanting to play more – this is an excellent sign! However, when I returned to it, the game had again started losing its luster. To know why I’m going to have to really think on things, but for the time being ESO is looking a lot like a second-time flash in the pan as far as my gaming attention is concerned. Maybe I just need some friends to play it?

Speaking of friends, that brings me to EVE. Obviously, I’ve been plucking away at EVE in the form of the newly minted Beth Weston exploration character. However, after coming across an old Youtube video that featured a fight between RVB and Tuskers that you can see me in from 3 years ago, I was gripped by a sudden, powerful compulsion to get back to PVPing in EVE.

At about the same time, completely unprompted, my little brother decided to have another go at EVE and asked if I still played. Serendipitous? Just a little. We talked it over a bit and before the night was through I had him in Stay Frosty with his resubbed, 16 million SP character and I was putting up a Red Frog contract to have some stuff shipped over to the Ishomilken area.

I started by crafting fits for three different ships for Little Bro, an Atron, Incursus, and Thorax. He’s mainly skilled in the Gallente line and has halfway decent gunnery skills, so I essentially made up for him a baby tackler, a baby brawler, and baby brawler’s slightly heavier cousin. As he is both rusty and not very good to begin with, and I am incredibly rusty and only decent in the past, I figure starting with a small selection of ships is the way to go.

However, once I figured out that I had purchased too much stuff to fit in a Prowler (and subsequently needed to have a freighter take my stuff to Isho), I went…a little crazy. I bought at least one of every ship hull that I can fly, as well as a couple I can’t quite yet but will soon, and packaged all those up as well. A couple of billion ISK later I had a contract up to Frog and went to bed.

Well stocked and ready to go, I now begin my next (totally unplanned) project, which is to get good at EVE again. There will be many deaths and I’m going to do my best to record what goes on, both for my own edification and for the entertainment of you, Dear Reader. Amusingly, Little Bro died within 10 seconds of undocking for the first time in a shiny new Atron. Being -10 and still a relative newb can be a harsh life. I, of course, laughed myself silly.

For now I’m trying to avoid the temptation of setting ‘requirements’ on my EVE play. I have a nasty habit of picking up a new long term project and then setting requirements like ‘I’m going to do this 1 hour a night’. That inevitably backfires – as soon as I miss one window, I start to resign myself to failure about the whole project. So for now, I’m playing fast and loose with how much I log in, but I’m definitely going to be on Marc Scaurus regularly once more. If you’re looking for a place to fly and shoot people in the face (or die of boredom while trying) definitely look into Stay Frosty! I need more late US TZ people.