Friday Fun: Towerfall, EVE, Crusader Kings 2 and World of Warcraft

Since Flying Sideways, my short lived column centered around my streaming exploits every Friday for TMC has, understandably, outlived its usefulness – I figured I’d replace it with something to share my overall gameplay activity for the week, along with any stand out thoughts on subjects not covered by previous blog posts. Last weekend I found myself at my in-laws for a couple family birthday parties, and so made sure to bring my PS4 with me to get some quality time with games in.

What I forgot, though, was to bring any actual games. I’m so used to living in the digital age, particularly the Steam Age, that I forgot some of my games actually do still require one to insert a disc into the console. As a result, I ended up scouring my digital download library for PS4 looking for some good games to play with people of all ages.

In the end, I arrived at Towerfall. It came out awhile ago on PC and then made its debut on PS4. I picked it up for free courtesy of the Playstation Plus deal wherein you get two free games each month for being a subscriber. Towerfall is an indie game centered on the concept of local multiplayer. Each individual playing takes on the role of an archer (of various flavors, but no substantive differences) and the game can be played either in 2 player co-op or in 4 player versus mode.

The action in Towerfall is terrifyingly quick and confusing, with plenty of ‘how did I die’ or ‘I didn’t mean to jump there!’ moments. The great thing about it is I was able to get almost everyone at my in-laws playing it, from kids aged 7 to adults aged 35. While the younger the combatant the less skilled they were (as a general rule, at least at first), the game is forgiving enough that with a little restraint on the more skilled player’s side things went along swimmingly.

I had intended to play multiple games on the PS4, but once everyone got a taste of what Towerfall was cooking there was no going back – the PS4 stayed on from the time everyone woke up to when everyone went to sleep, with shouts and laughter all day long thanks to it. Well worth the cash to pick up if you’re the least bit interested and find yourself in a group setting.

I also got a tiny bit of EVE Online time in – primarily on Beth Weston, the star of my Rebooting EVE series of articles. Check out this week’s post to find out more about how lowsec exploration is going!

On the World of Warcraft front I’ve continued plugging away at LFRs – my Paladin’s ilvl is now at 634, just one shy of the ilvl required to enter the newest raid, but I haven’t been stressing over it. Instead, I just plug away at LFRs and then hit up my hunter, now 96, in an effort to get a real DPS class up to speed.

Finally, Crusader Kings 2 popped up on my radar again for whatever reason and I found myself playing another Norse king of Scandinavia. However, I’ve done that so many times that it lost its luster pretty quickly – now I’m contemplating doing a playthrough as a Zoroastrian in the middle of the Muslim Middle East. However, my good friend Alikchi just pointed me towards a very promising mod set that may see me playing for a Roman Reconquest of the world…again.

This weekend I’m just hoping to get a little more EVE Online time in and maybe grab Sunless Sea for some Lovecraftian-inspired madness. However I managed to get a sweet deal on Sid Meier’s Starships which just came out yesterday, so that is more likely to make it into my playlist. If you have suggestions or thoughts on what I should be playing, please feel free to leave a comment below – I love recommendations and will do what I can to follow them and report back!