January 2015 Roundup

The end of January also marks the first 30 days of Just For Crits, so before I go into the miscellaneous bucket of things that didn’t make it into a post somewhere, I figure we should check in on the site and see how it is doing.

First off, I have to say I’m super pleased at the fact that I’ve not only been able to meet my internal posting requirement (1 post a day, Monday through Friday), but I’ve vastly exceeded it with a good couple weeks of double posts. The CSMX Lowsec Survey and Interview process I kicked off (in very impromptu fashion, as some of the first respondents to the survey will have noticed – yes, I’m aware this is CSMX, not CSM7) has gone swimmingly, with nearly half of the field of current candidates participating. More candidates are coming every day now, it seems, so I expect that number to increase with time. Interestingly, nobody with a guaranteed bloc behind them has chosen to participate.

In terms of numbers, Just For Crits has done okay. With only my lowly twitter account and some good friends (thanks Noizy, Rixx, and Wilhelm!) to attract attention to the site in its first 30 days, I’m pretty pleased with numbers. Our peak in terms of pageviews this month came about on January 24th, with the 9th and 15th close behind. The most popular destination on the site was the CSMX Roundup Page, and the most popular single blog post was the interview with Sugar Kyle.

Most importantly, though, it has felt wonderful to get back into a more informal style of blogging. I’m still contributing over at TheMittani.com (more than ever, actually), but here I can talk about what I want, when I want, and it feels good. So aside from the numbers and attention, Just For Crits is already a success by my own entirely irrational metrics.

Now, on to the leftovers:

H1Z1 hit Early Access this month and it is actually a lot of fun. I streamed a bit on Twitch (video forthcoming) and in those videos you can see why I found pirating to be my main jam in Eve Online. Maybe I’m a jerk, maybe I’m just an entertaining fellow – I’ll let you decide. H1Z1 ran into some issues at launch with SOE’s login server tipping over and dying, loot being broken, and Reddit going howling mad because you can pay 5 bucks for an airdrop that may contain guns and ammo and this is Very Bad. I’ll have more thoughts on that at some point, when I can fully develop them, as well as on the game as a whole.

Elder Scrolls Online is ditching subscriptions, to the surprise of literally no one at all. With the console launch on the docket for June, ESO will be doing away with subs in March. Wilhelm over at The Ancient Gaming Noob has some salient thoughts on the matter. I really can’t wait for the subs to go away because they were the only thing keeping me from continuing to play it at launch (I just couldn’t justify the money to time ratio). I’ll be happily diving back into Tamriel’s online version come March.

PAX South happened for the first time in San Antonio. There was a lot of doubt over how significant the newest PAX convention addition would be, but I think it looked like a pretty decent time. I hope they move it to Austin next time though – I have no desire to go back to San Antonio ever again after my short stint there for boot camp, back in the day.

Razer revealed an open source VR platform, marking the most recent Oculus competitor to hit the open air waves, and Microsoft announced the HoloLens, which is an AR (augmented reality) rig. It isn’t real clear whether the HoloLens is the long rumored ‘Oculus-like’ M$ had in development, or if HoloLens is something altogether different.

Heroes of the Storm beta access can now be had by anyone willing to fork over some more money to Blizzard. The terrible, terrible ‘pay for access to an unfinished free to play game’ model continues trucking right along. I’ll probably have some thoughts on that at some point down the road, but right now my eyes are rolling too hard.

DayZ hit 3 million units sold, which (after Steam’s cut of the proceeds) equates to over 50 million dollars in revenue. I haven’t checked in on DayZ standalone recently, but intend to do so sometime this year – perhaps once the novelty of H1Z1 fades away. For something that started off as a one-off mod to Arma 2 made by a Bohemia Interactive employee in his off time, I’d say 50 million bucks is a pretty good haul. Arma 3 is great and all, but I do have to think that this marks a peak for Bohemia. Striking gold only happens so often.

And that’s about it I think. Everything else is either in the pipeline for publication or not worth spending too much time on. I do want to say a huge thanks to everyone reading for your support – this is all just the beginning!