Kill, Kill, Kill

Now that I’ve got my PC back in action, I’m looking forward to getting back into the swing of things with RvB. However, I figured that now would be a pretty good time to check in on my progress with the organization since joining it just over two months ago.

Despite having a PC incapable of running any games whatsoever for the last few weeks, I’ve tallied right around 80 kills since joining RvB – and lost 40. The rust doesn’t come off easy, or cheaply for that matter. However, I’ve had a blast and met some of the coolest people in EVE so far, including roguearmadillo (who I traded battleship kills with awhile back, shortly before he rejoined RvB). I tallied up my first Tech 3 Destroyer kill out in lowsec, where I’ve actually ended up spending a surprising amount of time.

I’ve taken part in a couple impromptu free for alls, though I find them not to my taste so much – they are too chaotic and random for my tastes, while also having arbitrary rules piled on top (I like my chaos organic, GMO free, thank you very much) – as well as a few arranged fights, which are a ton of fun. Most importantly though, I feel like I’ve helped RvB navigate some treacherous waters by arranging to have ‘RvB is alive!’ media run on TMC, EN24, and Cap Stable.

Really, though, I’m just getting started with RvB. Now that my PC is in a good state once more, I’m looking forward to more of the usual chaos, as well as putting on an event or two in the near future. The first one I have a mind to try out is the return of the Mystery Cruiser Tournament, wherein I fit the ships with whatever I please and the combatants deal with the cards they draw. Hopefully, if it does well in an internal setting, I’ll be able to invite outsiders into the fun as well!

I also have an idea for a league of sorts that I’m still working the kinks out on, but should prove to be a great project this summer. All in all, RvB has restored my faith in EVE Online as a worthwhile hobby – the action is exciting, the people are top notch, and the future is bright.