March 2015 Roundup

March was, frankly, a weird month. There was more than little CSM hangover after the two months of work put towards setting up surveys, crafting interview questions, and participating in analysis shows. As a result, there were no double-post days (though I did manage, for the third month straight!, to keep posting at least once a weekday), but overall I still feel really optimistic about the site. CSM turnout was up this year, and while I think the lion’s share of the credit for that should surely go towards the excellent job Cap Stable did with their interviews as well as the slate of interesting and motivated candidates that came out, I like to think maybe I contributed a little as well to the process.

However, the month was largely weird for me in that it saw me leave TMC. I had left previously, due to time constraints, but never with the finality that this departure has. The suddenness of it also took me a little by surprise, resulting in another hangover of sorts for me. Apologies if I left anyone hanging – especially to everyone who posted comments here. I’ll be better about responding in a timely manner in the future! My departure from TMC also ended up being my most-read blog post this month. The runners up in JFC’s Next Top Blog Post competition for March were Sov is Dying, my thoughts on the CSMX Election Results, and the satirical ‘Top 7 Reasons to be happy you aren’t going to Fanfest’ bitterfest.

Before we get to the month’s leftovers, though, I’d like to point everyone towards the various ways to reach me. On Twitter you can find all of my inane tweets @proceduraldave – as well as blog specific tweets @JustCrits. More importantly right now though, if you find yourself in EVE Online make sure to add Just For Crits to your list of in-game chat channels (if you have the room to spare). I’m logging in nearly every day now and would love to chat with ya! Now, then, on to


Both PAX East and GDC took place in March, but they took place at nearly the same time, leaving both somewhat diminished. PAX East, I think, got the short end of the stick – there weren’t too many great announcements there, with the possible exception of Overwatch news (Blizzard’s new TF2-like that is in development). Turns out beta starts later this year.

GDC saw the official unveil for Steam’s entry into the swiftly accelerating VR market with the HTC Vive. My initial reaction was something akin to ‘wow cool I guess another VR kit that isn’t ready’ – but then Steam said it would go on sale later this year. It seems that Steam is going to try to strike first in the VR wars, but it remains to be seen whether they strike true.

H1Z1 hit a million copies sold in March, something that I’m sure caused a giant sigh of relief over at SOE Daybreak. There was, of course, some additional controversy over on the /r/H1Z1 subreddit when SOE Daybreak revealed they would probably be offering a ‘season pass’ type subscription for Battle Royale access – but, this isn’t exactly new as Reddit is Reddit.

Crowfall, a game being developed that isn’t billed as ‘fantasy EVE’, had their kickstarter succeed. I didn’t personally back it, as I’m extremely judicious in the investment of funds in games that are months, if not years, away from completion – but I was tempted. World of Warships hit Closed Beta and I managed to snag a key, so I’m sure to be talking a little more about that. Also, of course, Cities: Skylines came out, Bloodborne is out, and I still haven’t played nearly enough of Darkest Dungeon, I haven’t even gotten to Sid Meier’s Starships yet, GTA V on PC is coming next month and good lord the games are really coming out now. I don’t know how I’ll manage to keep up! We’ll see how well I do in the next monthly roundup.