Momento Mori I – The Beginning

On March 19th, Red vs Blue returned to the world of NPSI with its inaugural Momento Mori roam. Led by the amazing Mangala Solaris, the man who made Ganked, roughly 60 pilots met up in Oisio and took a kitchen-sink frigate gang out into the world to die. I was a little late to the party, but in the end I got the kids to behave long enough to get in a Kestrel and tag along.

Our merry band roamed around lowsec for awhile, seeing stuff flitting around but never quite able to catch it, until we hit Kedama. There, we started the evening’s festivities off with a Deacon kill – and then another Deacon kill in neighboring Reitsato. A Slicer was popped, at which point Mangala declared op success and we all went home – not really, but anytime a Slicer dies, the killers can rest a little easier.

Finally, we got into some good action when we came upon a gatecamp in the process of being broken up. The sides weren’t clear, but was clear was the Machariel that was floating about 200km away from any kind of support. An able tackler did their job and the fleet swarmed over the Mach, tearing it down bit by bit. At that point, I’m fairly confident we could have lost every single frigate in the fleet and still come out ISK positive, but we weren’t done yet.

The next big hullabaloo occurred at the entrance to a faction warfare site, where a small gang with logi seemed confident they could take us on. That confidence proved to be a little ill-placed, as Mangala led our frigate swarm straight through the shields, armor, and hull of first a Cerberus, then a Scimitar, and finally a Huginn. At this point, the rest of the gang began to flee – except for a lone Tengu, who was burning off at an impressive clip.

Not impressive enough, though, as several of us caught up to the Tengu and proceeded to achieve the roam’s finest kill – a nearly 2 billion ISK Tengu.

It was at this point that I had to call it an afternoon – the kids were acting up and I had to get back to safer territory. The roam went on to die gloriously to a bunch of smartbombing supers in nullsec (yay Goons), but even with much death at the end, I’d have to say that the roam was a success. While turnout wasn’t quite what we hoped to achieve (we wrote up a very impressive press release that proceeded to get ignored by the Eve Media, because you know, an article series about some newbie is much more important), but it was a glorious beginning to what hopefully becomes a new NPSI institution.