The New Eden Conquest Project

Or: I’ve Had Another Idea for Something To Do

Earlier today it struck me, as I was thinking about another project, that oftentimes mid-scale sovereignty conflicts slip away from the public imagination quite quickly. Whole regions can undergo massive turmoil and only get scant reporting on the major sites, and certainly no in-depth looks. To test my theory that this is a shame, I went to go find some of these regional conflicts, only to find that there is no such thing as a master list of all sov wars.

This is a shame. And it is something that should be rectified.

The New Eden Conquest Project would be a project centered on the construction of a resource that houses information pertaining to every sovereignty conflict in New Eden, from the hard data like sov losses and gains, killmails, battle reports and the like, to ‘softer’ data like personal anecdotes, posts, audio recordings, etc.

As a result, the New Eden Conquest Project would be an absolutely massive undertaking, and certainly not something started lightly. However, I feel like there has always been at least some sort of niche relating to Eve history preservation – I know my first discussions about the topic with Alikchi date back years at this point. With so many old hands gone, and so many system revamps over the years, there is no doubt in my mind that more information is being lost daily.

While I myself have never been a good sov pilot (I don’t do well as a line member in large fleets, and have never had the confidence to go FCing), sovereignty is basically the most notable feature that sets Eve Online apart from most other games. It’s something worth preserving, and many people agree (see also: The History of Eve kickstarter that scratched the surface of old wars). But what is the best way to go about collecting all of this information, and how do we make sure that it doesn’t get lost again? Those are bigger questions that I myself can answer, I think.

But, perhaps the most relevant question for this blog and for me is: should I even dream of doing such a thing?