Painting the Town Red

Back in December, my PC started failing on me. This was both a curse and a blessing – a curse in that I couldn’t really play any PC games (including EVE) for a good month or so. A blessing in that I netted a sweet new SSD, a new graphics card, and a new case and other odds and ends. I now own a PC that looks a bit like a stormtrooper and barely fits under my desk, capable of running EVE totally maxed out. I’m a happy camper.

Unfortunately, I didn’t get a chance to dip right back into RvB land as the CSM season came upon us in a hurry. This year, I’m helping out the fine folks of Cap Stable/CSM Watch with the CSM interview process. Most of my duties there involve scheduling interviewers with candidates, but I’ve also had a chance to do a handful of interviews. The full list can be found at CSM Watch, and I encourage everyone to at least check out some of the analysis shows or maybe your favorite candidates.

Two things happened this weekend to help get me back into the RvB groove: first, the interviews are slowing down after the initial crunch; and second, two of my brothers in law have decided to stop trying to get me to play their favorite games and instead come play mine. The first, whose character names are universally dumb and stupid (his current ‘main’ is Booty Pooty), possesses a scant 3.5 million SP and isn’t all that experienced in the game. The second, whose character is Alvar Flavian, is slightly more experienced and possesses 20 million SP, mostly dedicated to flying Gallente.

I got both of them back in the game and into RvB and set off to smash things to pieces. In just one weekend I destroyed all who came before me, racking up 71 kills and putting me into the top 10 on all the charts over on the Blue killboard. Saturday night was particularly good to me, as just myself and Booty Pooty (who I’ll refer to as BP from now on because oh my god what a dumb name) took on all Reds who wanted a piece and managed to just lose one of his Dragoons. However, the whole weekend was a blast, thanks especially to Jagtor’s 10th (in-game) birthday celebration Saturday afternoon.

All told, I managed to kill the following: Talos, two Harbingers, two Caracals, Breacher, two Merlins, Thorax, two Tormentors, Coercer, two Dragoons, two Omens, three Thrashers, Corax, Sacrilege, Deimos, four Vexors, Deacon, four Mallers, two Moas, four Ruptures, three Stabbers, two Condors, Punisher, three Tristans, eight Executioners, three Slashers, four Atrons, six Incursi, and two Kestrels. In two days. RvB certainly isn’t dead.

More importantly, I achieved the vast majority of these kills with my two brothers in law. BP is excited and is training up his character to get more T2 stuff into his arsenal. Alvar, on the other hand, was very upset at losing three or four Vexors in a day (he may not be cut out for the RvB life, alas). It was an interesting study in what some people find fun and others really don’t. Alvar is the type to dislike losing a ship no matter the circumstances (he was particularly demoralized after losing his Vexor at the end of a fight on Red HQ that saw us take down at least two Battlecruisers and two Cruisers). BP, on the other hand, is the sort to just be happy with some action, only growing demoralized when things calm down. He’ll happily welp a half dozen Dragoons if it means things are happening.

At any rate, I’m happy with the weekend’s productivity and success. Hopefully the CSM interviews continue to dwindle down and I can turn my focus to running some community events – first, a Mystery Cruiser Tournament, and then a Frigate League. More details on those as they come available.