Perspectives in War

Today, Crossing Zebras released an article by Danikov (an old jr. editor from TMC and erstwhile Goon) about – you guessed it – the war against Goons. It is full of doom and gloom for Goons, opening with the words “The writing is on the wall for the Imperium,” and honestly who can blame a goon for being down on the Imperium’s chances at this point? VFK and YAO have fallen and/or are being taken; supers are getting wrecked every day; they can’t even survive on their own undock, much less in sov null. A couple of thoughts jumped out to me, though, as I read:

First, this is all a bit overwrought. Listen, anyone who has been paying attention for any amount of time at this point gets it: The Mittani takes advantage of people, then throws them away. He monetized his community and was bad at doing a kickstarter. Everyone’s minds are made up at this point – you’re either with The Mittani until the koolaid soaked end, or you are against him. This simple fact is why I’ve not done an AMA; I’ve not written an article for CrossingZebras; I’ve not done a tell-all interview with anyplace at all. I’ve had the offers – I’ve turned them all down. I’m not interested in kicking someone while they are down; nor am I interested in preaching to choirs.

The reason why The Mittani finds himself losing space mere months after losing all credibility as a businessman is because of preaching to choirs, assembled echo chambers where ‘no’ is a dirty word, and a culture of shifted responsibility that stems from the very top. None of these things are terribly challenging or interesting, so you’ll have to excuse me from the Goonhategrudgefucking that is going on. This isn’t to say I’m not bitter, or that I don’t have a cause, or that I don’t enjoy things like taking VFK – quite the opposite. I’m about as bitter as you can be and I sincerely hope that when the smoke clears, Goons have different leadership than they do today. Difference is, I’m content to do my own personal part by flying in fleets, shooting at Goons, and upvoting dank memes.

Second, always keep in mind who is saying what. Danikov isn’t in illum (to my knowledge – not to mention that illum has about as much authority as my blog does when it comes to matters of importance within the Imperium), nor was he ever a senior staff member at TMC. Most of his counter-AMA was laughable not so long ago because of this exact fact – he couldn’t speak to pay structures because he was never in them. When he insinuates no one ever got paid for their hard work at TMC, he’s talking out of his ass – I got paid, Tegiminis got paid, hell even Hendrick Tallardar got paid. Many people were paid, and the intent was always to pay more people as funds allowed (all the way up until we got some real greaseballs involved on the bizdev side of things – if you want to pick a point in time for when everything went to hell in a handbasket for Mittens, that’d be it). Things did change, towards the end, and perhaps in the last year Mittens and Sion have doubled down on trying to carrot and stick their way to higher production, but to say those things never materialized is to speak from the deepest depths of ignorance.

I support Danikov and I’m happy his article is so well received, for the main thrust of it is 100% spot on. The Mittani never cared about ‘his people’ once the belief that his people could be monetized came around. And this war is the result of that. If people in Goons want to stop getting bent over, they’d be wise to look to alternate leadership options. HVAC for CEO.

Wilhelm Arcturus
Wilhelm Arcturus

"they can’t even survive on their own undock, much less in sov null."

PL is so hungry to get us to commit in force that they dropped a bait titan on our Saranen undock last night.  Meanwhile, Reavers were out for four hours running entosis lasers on targets in Fade and shooting up PH miners and ratters without any sort of organized resistance coming to chase us away, only to return home and eat up a frigate gang in Saranen.  So your hyperbole seems a bit excessive.  We form up and fly every night.  We don't own space like we once did, but we aren't destroyed the second we hit null either.

proceduraldave moderator

@Wilhelm Arcturus I I wrong though? And I know about the titan bait, I was there, tackling many things :) Good on yall for finding low intensity areas to get kills, but that doesn't change the truth of what I said v0v

Also thanks for giving me the topic of my next blog post! I think it'll actually be a pretty good one.