Probing Doesn’t Have to be Hard

Signal Cartel has one of the best communities of any corporation I’ve ever been in. A substantial part of that community is the helpful nature of top notch people. Even when I don’t have time to log in to Beth and get some exploration done, I still regularly find myself poking around the corp forums and learning a ton. One such helpful post, from NedThomas, gave me the perfect excuse to try out some infographic-making. Now, bear in mind – I’ve never done an infographic, don’t have much experience with Photoshop, and what creative talent I do have in my bones tends towards the written word, not the visual arts. That fairly substantial disclaimer out of the way – here’s a quick hit on probing in EVE Online:

Be kind, it’s a first attempt!

Thanks again to NedThomas for the helpful posting and to everyone in Signal Cartel for making a truly unique and wonderful environment in EVE Online!


I'm so glad you're part of Signal Cartel, even if we don't see Beth as often as we'd like! Thanks for creating this infographic....really nice job!

Wilhelm Arcturus
Wilhelm Arcturus

That is pretty decent at laying down the fit.  My problem is the actual "how to" part.  But I am not sure I have launched a probe since Apocrypha.  I'll never get to Thera on my own.

proceduraldave moderator

@Wilhelm Arcturus It isn't so bad! The 'new' (to me anyways, it will always be new) way of probing things is a hell of a lot easier anyways. 

As for how to probe, I think that's probably better suited to a video tutorial or an actual blog post, rather than an infographic, but again I'm not creative enough to really say - I'm sure there is a way to do it in graphic format.