Quant Analytics – A Year’s Worth of Damage

Eve’s community used to be blessed with the presence of both CCP Diagoras and CCP Dr Eyjo, men who were possessed of analytical minds that liked to share their findings with everyone. Both those devs are gone now, but we still get the occasional statistics dump out of CCP. Recently, CCP Quant has been the dev on point for those of us who like wallowing in numbers, delivering wonderful looking graphs like the one above about all manner of things.

This graph in particular though is illuminating, and something that I wouldn’t be surprised to learn is actually making the rounds in a serious way within CCP’s offices. Looking at it, you can just about see where the game is a bit imbalanced (though, importantly, imbalance is not always a bad thing). The bright blue blocks represent a high damage output over the course of a year for that particular combination of hull and weapon system. Highlighted above is the bright blue block representing the intersection of Heavy Assault Cruisers and Drones – in other words, Ishtars.

There are a lot of interesting things you can draw from the graph aside from the (already known) predominance of Ishtars. Energy weapons continue to be underused compared to Projectiles and Hybrids; Stealth bombers really, really punch above their weight class through the combined might of bombs and torps, appearing in the graph to have accounted for more damage than carriers overall; the only hull that seems to care about Cruise missiles are battleships; Marauders are definitely not a popular option; and recons are really not doing a whole lot of damage in this pre-Proteus environment.

While there was a certain charm in being delivered stats on demand on Twitter via CCP Diagoras, and Dr Eyjo’s economic reports are really, really missed – I have to give it to Quant: the graph porn is a delight.