Rebooting EVE: 31 Days To Explorer

Shortly after the creation of Beth Weston, I downloaded Evemon and started mucking around with skillplans. I knew she was going to be an explorer, but I didn’t really know what that meant in terms of skills. After a little bit of fiddling, I figured that the following was the quickest way to get Beth deploying probes and having some fun in New Eden:

Hacking All The Things

The general idea behind the skill train was to be able to equip both the Data and Relic Analyzer modules as soon as possible, then carry on towards the bare minimum skills required to fly a Helios, including Covert Ops Cloak. You’ll notice, though, that there is no mention of anything related to drones, prop mods, or anything else. As such, this should be considered a very bare-minimum-explorer skillplan.

In reality, I ended up doing more side training and then popping in Amarr Frigate so that I could get Beth into an Astero (when I inevitably broke down and got her one). At any rate, thought this might be of some help to anyone looking to get into exploring (:ahem: and the Signal Cartel) as soon as possible with a new character. Next update I’ll bring word from lowsec, as Beth found her way there and…well, was not exactly rolling in money right away.