Rebooting EVE – Captain’s Log 20150113

It’s getting late – 7pm local time, to be exact – but I have some spare time in my day. Perhaps I can check in on things, see what is about. I log in and find that (at last) I can fit my hacking tools. I’m still a skill away from onlining the suitcase and nanofiber, but that’s okay.

I refit my Imicus, named boo, with the appropriate modules and undock. Now, where to go….high sec is supposed to be high traffic and slim pickings, so I open the map and try to find a not well trafficked system.


Looks like Clacille may be good – just 2 pilots in space in the last half hour, and it’s only 4 jumps away. To Clacille we go…

4 minutes later and I’m there. Interstellar travel doesn’t seem as difficult as one might be led to believe by watching flicks. Anyways, time to launch probes, but it feels weird to do so right on the inbound gate, so I move off to Planet 1.

Clacille I is a dead planet. It’s brown and cracked and dry. Not the best company for a little adventure, but better than nothing. Out go the probes.

Clacille I
Clacille I

Looks like Clacille is slim pickings, if not high traffic. BNP-085 pops up on the map and…that’s it. Oh well, we came all this way, might as well pinpoint it. Initial scan doesn’t reveal a precise location, but points to slightly above the plane. Or not – first pinpoint yields zero, suggesting this must be over by Planet V.

As I work I warp to Planet V. Might as well see what this thing looks like…It’s a huge gas planet, a dull green gray in color. Again, not the most inspiring vista but wait-

Clacille V
Clacille V

Wormhole! I’m not ready for a wormhole. I can’t cloak and my probing skills are barebone at best. However, I’ve come this far, so I might as well see what a wormhole looks like. Gotta be better than this gaseous giant ball.

The wormhole’s undulating, liquid presence is mesmerizing. Information indicates it goes to unknown space – but nothing is truly unknown these days. All that really means is I don’t know what’s on the other side.

Probes have been recovered. I’m ready to move on from Clacille. But…curiosity demands satisfaction. I approach the wormhole. I make a bookmark for these coordinates – my first bookmark ever – then take a deep breath.


J145426. That’s where I am. The place looks empty, but don’t most wormholes? Isn’t that the point. I dally. I wait on the wormhole that will take me back to civilization. Ultimately, I chicken out. But not before bookmarking the out. Good habits are important to breed, even now.

I went to wormhole space and did not die. I’m basically a hero. I move on, triumphant, to Eletta. I repeat my ritual – I warp to Planet I, observe, and probe. Eletta I is a lava planet. It looks mean. Brooding, angry, redorange and deadly.

Eletta I
Eletta I

Probes report back. Nada. Nil. This is not what I had in mind. I now have 4 options to proceed. 4 stargates I can take. I refer to the map once more. Theruesse looks empty, so to Cistuvaert I go.

I travel and loiter at the same time. Capsuleer channels are somewhat amusing. A member of the Interstellar Services Department – a hand holder – dominates conversation in one. She warns a man for scamming. She jokes she is a machine. No one seems much amused.

A new capsuleer declares his intention to quit – what, and go back to not being plugged in? He’s just moping. He’ll get over it. He lost all his stuff but doesn’t realized what he’s gained. Oh well. Some don’t adapt well.

I’ve arrived in Theruesse. Probes indicate at least one signature. Maybe something usable lies within INT-894? We’ll find out. Theruesse I is dead, just like Clacille. I don’t bother with a picture – you’ve seen one dead, brown, withered and petrified planet already, do you need to see more?

INT is a wormhole. I’ve already seen one today, but maybe this goes somewhere interesting and mildly safe, at least for today. No such luck. Unknown space again. I am not tempted this time to see what is on the other side. Back to Ellmay. Time is running out and I haven’t broken in my analyzers yet.

BXP-755 hits my probe scans. Another wormhole. I don’t even look up from the screens to see Ellmay I. I’m sure it is an ugly wretch. I bookmark, recall, move on. Gisleres calls. So too do other duties. It will be my last stop. No signatures whatsoever. A wasted hour of time, then.

Destination: Clellinon. I don’t know why it should be home, other than it is where my things are. I could easily call Gisleres home from now on and not miss much. I have 1 million ISK. Few modules. Still, ritual has worth.

Scolluzer is empty as well. Empty of dead, rich things anyways. Alentene has a signature. Might as well. It appears near Planet V, so I go there. My ritual is evolving. It is closer to VI than I thought. I look up from the scans to find Alentene V a grey-green gas ball. Another one. Perhaps, somehow, even uglier. YJB-320 Alentene is a wormhole. Of course. Alentene’s red star flashes by on the right as I head towards the gate. Bookmark, recall, get out.

Cistuvaert – Luse – Home. Nothing to see here tonight but my disappointment and some dead planets.

I need to get a cloak.