Rebooting EVE – Introducing Beth Weston

It was tough, dear readers. I ended up with not a single bad suggestion for a name, which just goes to show how very, very bad I am at naming things. Truly, I didn’t dislike a single suggestion! However, I just had to go with Beth Weston, a suggestion by Rixx Javix. I’m not sure why, but that name leapt out to me as the one as soon as I read it. Perhaps it was all those nights spent in Best Western’s when I used to travel for a living; maybe it was destiny; maybe it was something else entirely. Whatever the reason, Beth Weston is the name of my next character.

The Reason for Beth’s Birth


With a name chosen, the rest was just so many details: for empire I chose Gallente, as I’ve had a prominent character from each of the other three empires, but never the Gallente; for background, I chose Reborn (because duh who wouldn’t want to have been a capsuleer before capsuleers existed?) with a Science and Tech flavoring to jive with her charted course of being an explorer. Overall, character creation took about 15 minutes of idle tweaking and tuning:


With that done, it was time to jump into New Eden. It’s been awhile since I ran the tutorial for EVE – a couple years ago I created a new character and, on a whim, went through the tutorial as it existed at the time. It remains largely unchanged, except it now has a focus on the new radial menu that EVE has these days. In fact, the focus is so intense that not once does the tutorial reference the Selected Item box that appears above your overview. Also neglected in the beginner’s tutorial: all those buttons to the left of your HUD and most of the menu buttons to the left. It does have you explore the corporation menu (with a caution against joining anyone right this second), the market (with no guidance as to what exactly is happening there) and the character sheet (only so far as training skills go – everything else is left a mystery). In short, it still does a pretty poor job of illuminating many aspects of EVE Online.

However, it does manage to do a much better job of getting across the bare bones necessities of navigation, skill training, running missions, and inventory management. While my recollection of the new player experience back in 2007/2008 is hazy, my general impression is that this new NPE is vastly superior in just about every way. However, I haven’t made it the whole way through – just through the newb part. Now I’m on to the career agents – and if my memory serves, that’s when things went a bit sideways last time I did this.

Next week, join me as I dive into the Exploration career agent and also try to figure out where my Explorer DLC pack stuff is…

I definitely bought this, so where the hell is my stuff?
I definitely bought this, so where the hell is my stuff?

I’ll also be uploading the full Newb Tutorial Experience on Youtube in the next week, if you’re interested. Until then, fly smart!

Fake Edit:

Winner of the competition: Rixx Javix (1 PLEX)

Honorable Mention: Rain (500 Mil)

Let me know what character you want your prize on!


Plus, it is just an awesomely funny name.


Awesomesauce! I came very close to using that name many years ago for an alt of mine in Null Sec and have held onto it all these years. Glad to see it go to someone I know. I was shocked tbh when it still turned up untaken!

I will put the plex to good use as you know, either Rixx or Anastasia Javix is fine boss. Have fun with Beth!

proceduraldave moderator

@rixxjavix I'll toss it to Anastasia as it'll be in Jita - make things simpler hopefully. And yeah, just a tremendous name, super happy with it.