Rebooting EVE: Living Dangerously

Well, by dangerously I don’t mean to imply any sort of actual combat! Instead, it was finally time to venture outside of empire and hit the unbeaten paths of lowsec. Highsec exploration was useful in a training-wheels,¬†shake-off-the-rust sort of way, but not at all profitable or even very exciting. Perhaps lowsec could offer a little bit better on both fronts?

First Attempt: Lackluster

I found a nice, out of the way, isolated pocket of lowsec in the sprawling domain of Amarr and set to work. The pocket was a series of 6 systems all more or less connected to each other, so it was easy to set up a route and find my way. However, what wasn’t easy was actually probing down many signatures. Several of them actually remained out of reach despite my best efforts. I, of course, turned to my friends in Signal Cartel in my time of need and found out what I was doing wrong – I hadn’t equipped Sisters equipment. Silly me, I thought being in a wildly expensive (for a new player) ship and having all of my skill training dedicated for a month would be sufficient to hit some moderately difficult signatures in lowsec!


Second Attempt: Literally Nothing

Yes, I’m serious. On my second attempt through the pocket some days later, I managed to turn up no Relic or Data sites whatsoever. Plenty of combat sites, more than enough wormholes – but not a single thing I was after. It would appear that this whole exploration business was a little harder and a lot more frustrating than I had actually expected!

Third Attempt: Screw It

I went back, got some Sisters equipment, and returned to the lowsec pocket. This time, nothing would stand in my way. And nothing did – except for the lack of profit. There was one site that yielded a few million ISK, but still nothing worth the time and effort. At the end of my circuit, I probed out the closest wormhole, jumped in, and logged out. I’ve decided to go full nomad~