Rebooting Eve: Next Steps

It’s time for an update on the newest addition to my stable of characters, Beth Weston. To recap:

Unfortunately, I swiftly discovered just how unprofitable highsec exploration is. Setting aside the travel times involved with finding sites not already taken in highsec (which is considerable) and the fact that not every system has a Relic or Data site to begin with (also considerable), I still found highsec exploration to be, well, underwhelming.

The largest haul I took out of a site totaled just over 1 million ISK, which is to say – not very much. Beth’s next goal in terms of training was to get Cloaking rolling into the skill queue, but that skillbook alone ran up to 7 million ISK in Beth’s neck of the woods. That meant I’d need to hit 7 sites of top tier hauls (for highsec) just to buy a skillbook. To buy a Helios – or better yet, an Astero – represented a hell of a time commitment.

I had intended for Beth to start from scratch with no assistance from my alts, but in the end reason won out. For many years now, I’ve eschewed grinding as a waste of my time. I’m very much in a situation where my time is more valuable than my money, so I’ve regularly purchased PLEX in the past to fund not just my game time, but also my character’s wallets.

Rather than buy a PLEX for Beth, though, I just shunted a few hundred million ISK from my station trading alt – waste not, want not, and at the scale my station trader operates a few hundred million ISK is not a big deal anyways. Armed with some cash, Beth immediately started training Cloaking and picked up an Astero.

I don’t often say this, but damn this spaceship is beautiful.


No, seriously, look at this ship!


Money taken care of, and ship requirements for lowsec exploration soon to be met, it became time to think beyond just the exploration gameplay. CCP has famously stated that new players who don’t find a group of peers within the game swiftly quit, and even though I’m not really a new player I could still feel a bit of a fading of passion to play on Beth. I needed a corp, a social group to find new friends, compare notes with peers, and maybe even learn a thing or two.

I looked for a few corps earlier in the week but didn’t find much. A quick look at the corp recruiting tool that was built into the UI relatively recently (within the last few years anyways) yielded exactly zero helpful results.


One look at the results of the search and I immediately was nonplussed. The highest match for me was a corp called AirHogs at 85%. Seriously, there were no corporations focused on Exploration that were New Player Friendly that I could find at all. I swiftly put away the corp finder tool that day and logged off – there were other things to be done.

This doesn’t seem like a great fit.


However, just yesterday I saw the announcement from Mynxee that she was the CEO of the exact sort of corporation that I was looking for – exploration focused, new player friendly, and well led! Seriously, sometimes life is stranger than fiction. If this was a novel everyone would be screaming about Deus Ex Machina abuse right about…now. However, there’s no one to scream at in this instance, so instead I’m now a very happy member of Signal Cartel on Beth Weston, a corporation focused on exploration with a ‘Don’t Shoot First’ policy.

Sometimes I wonder if I’m schizo. Don’t Shoot First Explorer, Goon, Honorable Pirate – these things aren’t often (if ever) encapsulated in just one player. Perhaps I’m just a renaissance man though.

At any rate, just a couple more days til I can fit a covert ops cloak, at which point I’ll be setting off into the great unknown that is lowsec.