Rebooting EVE – Where Was I?

Never before has the question “Where was I?” been quite so relevant. I finally had a chance to get back to the continued adventures of Beth Weston on the weekend and logged in to find myself in a wormhole. Of course, that’s where I left off in the narrative, but it still took me a little by surprise. I’m not used to logging off in space, much less logging off in unknown space. But, here I was, and it was time to get going.


The system I was in had the homey-feeling name of J145040 (seriously, CCP, you could do a lot with system naming). Specifically, it appeared I had logged off near planet 3. Pulling up Tripwire, it appeared that J145040 was a fairly standard, class 3 wormhole, with not a lot of activity. Dscan revealed a single ship, an Orca, which I decided to take a look at before getting started with probing down the system. Within a few moments (and an aborted attempt at finding it via range-dscanning, a concept that I’m still new to), I had it pinned down – Planet 5, Moon 5. The POS was online and the Orca unpiloted (everything belonged to Jazz Associates, a member corp of Azgoths of Kria – a fairly sizeable corporation). It was safe to continue.


Probing yielded three signatures, two of them wormholes and one of them a gas site. Looked like it was time to move on. My choices were wormhole T405, a connection that led to “dangerous unknown parts of space” and  U210, a connection to lowsec. Which is a fancy way of saying there was no real choice – I pressed on, deeper into the unknown. Next on my path was J234421, a Class 4 wormhole. Nothing appeared on dscan from my entry and there was a whole host of signatures to probe, so I immediately got to work once more. After upwards of 20 minutes spent probing down upwards of 20 signatures, I had three options: C008, a wormhole to unknown space that only allows the smallest of ships; Q003, the same as C008; and L005, also more of the same. I decide to take the alphabetical approach and venture into C008.


Next on deck, then, is J001694, a Class 5 wormhole with a Black Hole. I notice immediately that there appears to be a beacon in the system, labeled ‘epicenter’. I, of course, check it out, and find a Sleeper enclave as well as a Violent Wormhole on the scene. Scary stuff. Probes out and nothing on dscan, I look around a bit at this inherently unbalanced system. While I probed, I reflected on the nature of wormhole life as a vagabond explorer.


First, it is important to note that there are (apparently) two types of Relic and Data sites in wormholes – pirate faction affiliated sites, and non-affiliated (i.e. Sleeper) sites. Sleeper sites, even though they are Data or Relic in nature, contain NPCs that will gladly murder your ship. Pirate sites are similar in nature to Data and Relic sites anywhere else in EVE in that there aren’t any spawns and you can go about your business without concern for NPC combatants. I’m glad I checked on this before warping to the first Data site I was able to probe down. In the three systems I’d been in so far, there were plenty of Data and Relic sites – but not a one that I could do in my Astero.

Anyways, back to J001694. Still nothing on scan and everything probed down, I had two options – more wormhole space, or a venture out into nullsec. Having had a nice detour through the unknown, I elected to check out nullsec…and found myself in none other than Deklein, FMB-JP to be specific. FMB- is owned by Tactical Narcotics Team and sits just three jumps away from a stash of Marc Scaurus ships in VFK. Small universe, right?

With no signatures immediately on scan in FMB-, I elect to log out. Over an hour spent traversing a handful of wormholes and ending up in CFC territory, I’ve got nothing to show for my time. At least lowsec had stuff to do, even if it wasn’t profitable~