Scaurus in Vegas

So! As mentioned previously, I’m attending Eve Vegas this year – meaning tomorrow I’ll be in Sin City. I am very excited about this, but also slightly intimidated. This is due to the fact that I’ll be there in at least three capacities: first, as a fansite operator; second, as a player presenter; and third, as press (I’m covering the event for These all in addition to just wanting a small vacation from work and kids and all that. I have a tendency to pile things on, it’s true.

I figured I’d post up a brief itinerary so that I could better communicate what my schedule is like to anyone who wants to meet up.

Thursday (tomorrow!): Getting into Vegas around 2 or 3pm, just relaxing the remainder of the day.
Friday: Tickets @ 11am, followed by a blogger/podcaster informal meetup at Blondie’s in the PH mall from 12pm to 3pm. Eve Vegas kicks off at 4pm, then proceeds to pub crawl at around 7, but I won’t be there – pinball is not my thing.
Saturday: Talks, talks, talks! Also, I give my Eve Media presentation at 2pm, so be sure to tune into that! Then the nightclub thing Saturday night, of course.
Sunday: I’m out! I’ve got some other things to do in Vegas before heading home, so I’ll largely be unavailable this whole day.

Tuesday: I’m quitting. Seriously, I’ve decided that Vegas is as good a time as any to say sayonara to the people I like in this community. Arrangements have already been made for ‘my stuff’ in game, and I’ll also be stepping away permanently from Twitter, Facebook, etc.

I don’t take this last step lightly. Rather, it’s something that has been building for a long time. The fact of the matter is, though, that for every Mynxee or Mark726 in Eve, there are a dozen absolute shitlers. Eve is no longer a fun hobby of mine, nor is it a way into the gaming industry, or anything remotely resembling something I look forward to doing or talking about.

I have a lot of good memories of Eve. It has, on the whole, been a positive influence in my life. I’m leaving it after Vegas in order to preserve those good memories. So, if you see me in Vegas, please come say hello and goodbye! I’ll be there to have a good time and enjoy the people behind the avatars of Eve Online – I’ve found that they are usually far better and more interesting anyways.